One would think that with all of the press that the Caylee Anthony case has generated people trying to make a buck or two off the coat tails of accused tot killer Casey Anthony would tread carefully. Of course that is not the case. There are numerous onerous organizations and individuals that are trying to profit from the death of this two year old. Caylee has become an industry!

A concerned reader sent me an interesting E-mail, and an even more interesting web site link. Kid Finders is an organization that gives me the creeps. The figure heads of the organization have a pretty interesting track record, that is a subject I discussed in an earlier article.

A quick look at Dennis and Sherri Milstead reveal a long and illustrious history of wrongdoing. Their rap sheet is longer than Casey Anthony’s

The latest Kid Finders Network acquisition is the Bat Boat, exactly how this Bass fishing boat is going to help in finding missing children has me at a loss. We would all love to have a bass boat. They go fast, and they are a lot of fun. However how does a bass boat save lives? One would hope that an organization like Kid Finders would be more concerned with finding the living. The Bat boat seems more geared to find the dead (well in between fishing trips)

To quote from their website:

Search Boat Equipped With Side Scan Sonar,
Search Lights and Radio Equipment.

I will give you my thoughts on this boat. It’s a stinking Bass boat with an advanced fish finder. has a couple of lights to assist with after dark fishing, and can tune in to the local radio stations, well lets face it., sometimes fishing gets boring, why not listen to a few tunes?

Of course having a boat free and clear and given to you by The Never Lose Hope Foundation (think Peter Benevides) is wonderful. But there are some ongoing costs, you need bait and fuel. The Milsteads’s have a solution. You too can become an honorary member of their organization for the low low price of $25 per year (oh Paypal only).

It was with great amusement that I read this part of their application form:

I Agree to EXTREME Search, Rescue and Recovery/Kid Finders Network conducting a complete background check if applicable. I Agree that no information with reqard to searches will be released to any member of the news media, made public in any way or used for personal use of any kind. I Agree all information, paperwork or equipment issued etc. are the property of EXTREME Search, Rescue and Recovery/Kid Finders Network. I will not take photographs or video on any sanctioned searches or events, without the permission of EXTREME Search, Rescue and Recovery/Kid Finders Network supervisory personel. I understand that any tip or information of any kind pertaining to a potential criminal case must be reported and that removal of anything from a search area may be considered interferring with a criminal investigation, a prosecutable offense. I Agree to hold EXTREME Search, Rescue and Recovery/Kid Finders Network harmless with regard to any personal injury or injury, damage or theft to personal property, equipment, including horses and dogs by volunteering or being a member of EXTREME Search Rescue and Recovery/Kid Finders Network. By my signature below I accept these terms. Membership is a privilage and may be denied or revoked at any time. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason.

Oh, and I know that we have some picky readers. The typos are straight from the site.

With the Milstead’s criminal background I think it is ironic that their membership form has a mandatory question concerning any felony charges!

Here is my bone of contention, if my child was missing and someone said “hey Simon can I help look for your missing child?” I would reply “sure”. I don’t need a personal history of the person who wants to help, I just need the help. The sign up form for Kid Finders makes me leery, it looks like more a Phishing scheme than a genuine plea for assistance.

I work damn hard for my money, the idea of fleecing either the Anthony’s pockets or the Milstead’s makes me reach for the bottle of Tums.

How much longer is this stupidity going to continue?

Simon Barrett

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