The Caylee Anthony case has eaten us all up. Months of searching and false accusations from the Anthony camp have resulted in a very sad situation. When little Caylee Anthony was finally found, she was a bag of bones, just bones, encased in a couple of garbage bags. Those bones were found just a few minutes walk from the Anthony home.

Mother Casey Anthony was already in jail, she was the hot suspect, in fact the only suspect. This party girl had seen her last party for a while. The only pole dancing in her life right now is the jail bars.

We live in a wonderful country, innocent until proven guilty. It is a fine concept. Everyone gets their turn in the court room to argue their innocence. Of course poor Caylee has no say in the matter, even in death she had no say. The autopsy report shows that duct tape was placed around her head, covering her mouth. Silent in life, now silent in death!

The evidence against mother Casey Anthony is looking overwhelming, her checkered past, the anecdotal stories by those that know her, and most damning of all, her own statements to police.

Early on in the nonsense Casey Anthony managed to find a no-name lawyer to represent her, one Jose Baez, he hardly has a stellar career, and from a criminals perspective he is about the last person that anyone facing serious charges would want representing them. He has one death trial to his name, and his client is currently cooling his heels in jail on a very long sentence. Actually I seem to recall that this ‘ex’ client is appealing the sentence and citing lawyer incompetence.

Jose Baez has made quite the name for himself with the Caylee Anthony case, supposedly all for free! Of course, Jose Baez cannot do it all by himself, he has acquired a whole raft of ‘free’ help. One of the major problems Baez faced was that when the prosecution put the Death Penalty back on the table, he needed to find some ‘free’ expertise. That help came in the form of Dr. Andrea Lyon.

The trial was set to start in October, but guess what? Lyon’s teaching schedule at De Paul University does not fit into that time frame. What a crock! Why did she take on the case knowing full well that the date had been set? The judge should have told her to turn up, or find someone else.

This is a case that defies logic. Everyone has lawyers, even the lawyers have lawyers and spokesman. If poor Caylee had had a pet hamster, you can bet that the hamster would have a lawyer, spokesman, and a PR company by now!

Baez and his poison dwarfs should be ashamed of themselves. Get this trial moving forward. Postponing it till January does nothing but annoy people. Justice needs to be done, not delayed. No doubt in January we will see more delaying tactics, “Judge the dog ate my notes”.

I say BS, enough of the BS in this case, it is time to get it on the table, and get it over with.

Simon Barrett

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