Caylee Anthony disappeared last year in mid June and her mother, Casey Anthony didn’t even bother to report the child missing for 31 days. The question as to why has remains a mystery to many of us, unless you want to accept the answers they give like Casey was out doing her own investigations. She apparently was doing thorough searches in nightclubs and on the dance floors, in Target and Blockbuster too. I can see where that would take up a lot of time while searching. Yeah right! And we were all born yesterday.

Casey was arrested when a Florida Grand Jury handed down an indictment for first degree murder against her and she has been in jail ever since. On December 11, 2008 the remains (yes George I called it remains because thanks to your daughter that was all that was left of this poor child) were found and people from across the world cried.

Now as a grandmother, if this had been my grandchild that was finally found I would have been a wreck. I would be crying and wanting to see where she was found and most of all I would be lashing out at the person responsible for my grandchild’s death. George and Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandparents, are very different. What did they do the night they found out about this? They flew home from their little trip that they were on to appear on the Larry King Show to defend their murderous monster daughter, and went to the Ritz Hotel, checked into a room and had steak dinner in a party style with Jose Baez, Dominic Casey, Michelle Bart and who knows who else. Rumor has it that they were seen sitting at the table laughing and smiling as if nothing had happened.

Now Casey’s defense team has managed to get the trial delayed until January. All this was so to the newest attorney added to the wanna-be dream team Andrea Lyon who says the court date set would interfere with her teaching job saying she won’t have enough time in her schedule to prepare for Casey’s case. What a crock! And to make matters worse the judge granted the delay. Unbelievable! If she can’t fit this trial into her busy schedule she shouldn’t have taken on the case. I suppose she didn’t want to miss out on the chance of that book deal she might get with her being on this wanna-be  dream team.

Now another motion filed by Baez and Lyon to delay having to go to trial on the fraud charges that the prosecutors have on Casey for stealing money and forging her friend’s name on her checks and cashing them. They are telling the courts that they can’t afford to waste their precious time and resources on a fraud case with the capital case still hanging over their heads. Well boo-hoo for them. Casey did the crime now let the witch pay for it like anyone else that has committed a crime does.

This motions reads:

“The complexity of the capital case necessitates a delay in the check forgery case.”

The attorneys are trying to tell the courts that forcing them to go to trial for the fraud charges first would divert their attention from the murder trial and impede her right to a fair trial. Since the death penalty has been added they claim they need more time to prepare since Lyon will needs to catch up with the case.

By their way of thinking they say that since Amy Huizenga, Casey’s ex-friend has been compensated by her bank and Baez’s firm reimbursed the bank for more than $600 there should be no harm in delaying it.

My question here is why should Casey get this delay at the expense of Amy Huizenga’s justice for what has happened to her? Bowing down to Jose Baez and his demands doesn’t seem to be quite fair to Amy. She is the victim here and I know if it were me in her shoes I would be expressing my rights to a speedy trial and make them go to a trial now. Casey has had enough privileges set for her. She thinks she is a dam princess enough now anyway. It is time to take her damn crown away and bring her back to reality, where if you put yourself in this position you must pay for it.

Another motion filed by Baez is to prevent the state from using statements made by Leonard Padilla or any of his employees as evidence in the trial. Baez claims that they were working for him at the time so everything they heard should be privileged information.

According to defense lawyer, Richard Hornsby the agreements are worthless that were signed because Florida statutes do not allow attorneys and bail bondsmen to enter into confidentiality arrangements.

“Jose Baez should have never had a reasonable expectation that anything she said would be confidential or fall under the attorney client privilege and that’s a big problem,” said Hornsby. “He should have advised her right away – don’t say anything to anybody.”

Padilla has said that Anthony has made some damaging statements such as “They haven’t even found the clothes she was wearing”

“Everything’s been a game to her…to lead us to believe the clothing was somewhere but not in the proximity of the body,” said Padilla.

Whatever it is that Padilla and his employees have that they can say on that witness stand must be something that can really hurt the defense’s case. If not, why would they bother going through the trouble to block it from being used. I said Jose (sleazebag) Baez is starting to run a bit scared.

I think that Caylee’s justice is way over due. Her life was taken from her way too early and she deserves to receive justice. Let’s hope that the judge doesn’t listen to Baez and Lyon and that he allows all this to go on with no more delays so not only Caylee can get her justice but so the person responsible for all this no longer receives royalty status and she finally pays for this horrible thing she has done to her own daughter.

God Bless You Caylee Marie. We are all still fighting for you and we still love you!

Jan Barrett

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