It was almost two year ago that Jan and I decided to run a weekly program on the subject of missing people. As I recall, we argued about if it should be 30 or 45 minutes long. Today it is 2 hours long, and we still run out of time every week.

Today was no exception. 120 minutes disappeared all too quickly.

Joining me to dissect the recent events in the Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony, and Zachary Pittman cases were my wife Jan Barrett, ace reporter TJ Hart, State Investigator peter Hyatt, Reporter Dave Knechel, and last but by know means least author and crime writer Denny Griffin.

The first case under the microscope was that of missing Zachary Pittman. Zach (26) was last seen over a year ago. He literally disappeared into thin air from a house some 7 miles from the Louisiana town of Pearl River. No money, no car, no phone, poof gone!

Zach’s mother Christy Ragas joined us for the segment and brought us up to date on recent developments. I am not sure that she was as candid about the efforts of the St Tammany Parish Sheriffs Office as I might have been, however it is understandable. For her to cause waves likely would mean a cessation of what little effort they are are currently expending on the search for Zachary Pittman.

Our next port of call was Orlando Florida and the latest update on what is becoming a saga! The Caylee Anthony case is enough to frustrate any sentient, warm blooded being with an IQ that exceeds their hat size!

This week saw some interesting developments, while not immediately identifiable as ‘game changers’ to the average person, when viewed closely, some interesting observations can be made. Both Peter Hyatt and Dave Knechel had much to say on this subject. Are Baez and Mason on the outs? They certainly do not seem to be ‘compatible’ in the strategy arena.

Why was a Baez PI sniffing around the Motel that George Anthony supposedly tried to commit suicide in?

Our third segment concerned the Haleigh Cummings case. The PCSO stated months ago, this is not a missing persons case, this is homicide! They have no body, they have no one charged, but they sure do have a whole lot of one family locked up behind bars.

Hank and Lisa Croslin had been captured on Jail video’s a couple of months ago explaining to daughter Misty Croslin that times were tough. They had no gas money, it would be hard to visit. Woo Hoo! Problem solved! Hank and Lisa managed to get themselves stuck in a Cocaine sting, so almost the whole family are reunited. This might be a Thanksgiving that the Croslin’s will remember!

You can catch the entire program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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