There was an interesting event that occurred last week. A group of women who had been leaving crosses at the site where Caylee Anthony’s body was found, were terrorized by George and Cindy Anthony, and also our favorite fund raisers, the Milstead’s. Actually it is the Milstead’s that make this story.

The Police have stated that they are not pressing charges on any of the Anthony camp, and that likely is the best route, another Anthony sideshow is not in the best interests of anyone except the Anthony’s themselves, and the sleazy company they keep.

Even though no charges are being filed, one has to look at the various stories doing the rounds. One also has to look carefully at the statements being made by the various people. I learned a long time ago that the truth is much like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder.

Lets start with what we do know. Some people have created a makeshift memorial for Caylee Anthony at a site that is on public land, yet close to the location where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found. The memorial is not about finger pointing, it is about expressing sadness over the loss of a vibrant two year old. We have all seen the videos, we know this little girl.

Even though we never knew Caylee Anthony in person, we know her in our hearts. One way that local people wanted to grieve was by setting up a small memorial. This in my mind is a great idea, a place where you can focus your thoughts. It is harmless, and maybe it is a way that people can vent their frustration with crosses, flowers, and Soft Toys.

Of course this memorial did not sit well with George and Cindy. In my mind, they should have been happy, people were not protesting at their home, the media has ceased from making the house a focal point. They should have been happy. The also interesting aspect to this story is that no-one that I am aware of is claiming that George and Cindy have a hand in the demise of Caylee Anthony. Well, maybe I will rethink that last statement, maybe they exhibited huge amounts of stupidity both before and after Caylee’s disappearance. The problem as I see it is that the grandparents have lost a grand daughter, they do not want to lose a daughter.

So back to the story. Lois Peter, her daughter, and her grand daughter have been frequent visitors to the Caylee Anthony impromptu memorial site. Yet each time they went there, the memorial had been taken down.

Brad Conway, the sympathy seeking attorney for the Anthony’s (he is in a wheel chair) has repeatedly said that the Anthony’s were not responsible for the desecration on the memorial site. As I recall he said something along the lines of…. ‘My clients have no interest in the site, and have never been there’.

Well, that is not quite true Mr. Conway. I have spent a good deal of time talking to the women involved, and Mr. Conway seems to be a tad confused over the exact happenings. In fact most of the press that covered the story seemed to have missed an important fact. Lois Peter does not drive, and her grand daughter is only 13 years old. From the Orlando Sentinal:

Two St. Cloud women had accused the Anthonys and another couple of chasing them by car through the Anthonys’ neighborhood. The women also said they saw Cindy Anthony take down a cross they put up to honor Caylee Anthony on the former site of a makeshift memorial to the little girl.

This is in not the story that I received from Ms. Peter. There were more people involved. The Orlando Sentinal fails to mention another person, the driver, Denise Hill.

WESH do a slightly better job:

Lois Peter and Denise Hill said they were putting crosses at the site where Caylee’s remains were found — but someone kept removing them.

But they still do not get the whole story.

The group of three (note the number 3) had been placing crosses at the site for some time, yet every time they returned the site had been removed. Grumpy, they decided to stake it out from a distance to see who was removing the crosses, toys, and other things.

The story diverges at this point. The Anthony’s claim that they saw a vehicle repeatedly driving by their home. They decided to investigate. This makes no sense. George and Cindy have called the cops more times than most of us have hot meals. Demonstrators outside their house = 911. In fact it reached the stage where the police installed a video camera (I wonder if it is still there).

The ladies tell a different story. They saw a vehicle at the memorial site and drove down to investigate. Cindy Anthony was spotted putting something into the back of it. More importantly, the cross was gone!

I don’t want to play ‘he said, she said’, but obviously the Anthony family have created some questions. Who chased who? According to the Anthony’s, it was Lois Peter and her band of merciless vigilantes, according to Lois she was chased by not only a very grumpy Anthony family but also our favorite petty crooks, the Milsteads.

What I find interesting in all of the press coverage about this event is the lack of mention of Kidfinders and the Milsteads.

Alas the ladies did not get a picture of the Milsteads but they did get this excellent one of George Anthony.


Of course this could be anyone. Lets take a closer look.


The cops talk about not seeking charges against the Anthony’s for chasing the ladies around the area, yet there is no mention about the Milsteads. The story that I am getting from the ladies, paints a different picture. The ladies became worried by being chased, a couple of attempts were made to block them in. It was at that point that they called 911, having escaped the ordeal they were headed for home, a parked State Trooper looked like a way to gain safe passage. George and Cindy peeled off, our friends the Milsteads, with strobe lights on, parked right behind!

Obviously I was not there to witness the event. But these women have enough credibility to make me ask some serious questions. Even if these ladies turn out to have no credibility, they do open up some interesting questions.

Why were the Milsteads not mentioned? Are strobe lights on the front of your truck legal? What does their Rap Sheet look like? Oh, that one I know the answer to, fraud, fraud, and more fraud. Oh and Dennis does have a couple of interesting criminal raps. I would have thought that strobe lights on a truck might have been illegal? In fact Dennis Milstead does have a line item on his rather lengthy rap sheet sheet. He was busted for impersonating a police officer! Oh, and my research shows that flashing lights were used. Coincidence? I’ll leave that up to you.

I do plan on following this story. Lois Peter was scheduled to appear on HLN but got usurped by the sad news about Nevaeh Buchanan.

There is more to this story than meets the eye, and we are on it!

Simon Barrett

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