Have you noticed how the news about toddler Caylee Anthony has stopped now that the cops in Florida have had the good sense to put her mother Casey Anthony back behind bars? Boy, the stories just came to a screeching halt.

Of course this does not stop some news outlets, and I use the word news in its loosest sense. My wife, who has been following this story with a microscope was horrified when she stumbled upon this Fox News item out of Detroit.

They posted a video of a conversation with a psychic Kimmie Rose Zapf from CBS’s Psychic Radio who claims that while ‘on the air’  talking to a caller she suddenly started receiving messages. She claimed it was from someone by the name of Caylee and she was asking for her help to find her.

The ‘Got it in a box of Cracker Jack’s’ Psychic claims that she never watches the news nor does she watch TV (conveniently of course) so she knows nothing at all about Caylee Anthony missing, in fact she came across as hardly knowing where Florida is. This I say is unbelievable given how high profile this case has become.

She first says she sees mounds almost like dunes where she was dropped off at. She says that Caylee is ok but she is at peace. She claims to know that she knows where Caylee is and that she knows who did this.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a cynic. I fell off the turnip truck, but it was not last night. My wife has a few ideas. Could Hose Bag Jose Baez have gotten to this psychic and filled her in on details about Caylee and her family life?

I don’t for one minute believe a word she said. She said they need to talk to the man at the car parts store who knows where she is. It sounds to me like Baez is using this woman to find Caylee to take the heat off Casey now. Such a clever man huh? Knowing Casey’s lifestyle and how self centered she is, I will never believe she is keeping quiet taking all this bad publicity from the public in order to cover up for a man in her life. She can’t be in love with someone that much to let them kill her daughter and not talk about it.

The psychic mentioned a name Tony, as being someone that Caylee’s mommy loved.  Could this be the cop, Tony Rusciano that was fired for lying to the cops about knowing Casey. Maybe they decided to frame him because he decided to talk about how he met Casey and where he met her.

She was asked on the air if she knows who did this and she said yes but she didn’t want to say because her intent is not to become this famous psychic that helped solved this case. If she knows who did it then she should tell so the authorities can find Caylee.

In my mind this is all A Pile Of Bull. Fox should be beaten for putting on such drivel. But, one also has to wonder about intent. I know that this is a hot story, and someone is bankrolling the endeavor. The Padillas, and their cast of bounty hunting friends don’t come cheap, yes he has walked away from the bond, but how much money did he make bringing his circus to town? More importantly, who paid the tab? My bet is Fox, I am still digging, but thats where my buck is bet.

Simon Barrett


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