Once again we will be hosting our weekly radio show The Week In Review. This is your chance to talk to the panel about the Caylee Anthony case.  The hot news in the case this week is will Uncle Lee be facing some sort of Obstruction Of Justice charge?

Also what I found interesting was the statement issued by George and Cindy Anthony that would not be visiting their daughter Casey over Christmas because their conversations are recorded. I found this a curious comment to make. So what if the conversation is recorded, I would hardly call a mother and father wishing their daughter merry Christmas a news item of any great significance.  About the only person who could turn it into a news item would be Nancy Grace. She could and endlessly play a loop of the family exchanging Christmas greetings while asking her Pavlovian panel of so called experts what the significance of the exchange is “Does this greeting help or hinder the defense, lets go to paid Anthony defense consultant Lawrence Kobelinski, Koby, your thoughts?”. My eyes glass over at the mere thought!

In fact as this is the last show of the year we are going to open the questions up to any other news stories that you are interested in. So tune in at 3pm CST and give us a call with your questions and comments. All you have to do is click the Listen Live icon on the right hand side of our homepage.

See you all at 3pm

Simon and Jan Barrett

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