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So what has been happening with the Caylee Anthony story this week? Well more jail house video was released featuring an Oscar winning performance by Casey portraying herself as the victim. There is a certain amount of outrage at the senior Anthony’s George and Cindy who apparently are still peddling Caylee  T-shirts online. The dueling Private Eyes are still still at it fighting over the video taken near where the body was found. The meter reader Kronk is still the center of a great deal of scrutiny, with Nancy Grace’s so called expert Leonard Padilla conjuring up all sorts of delightful though absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theories.

One item that has not garnered much attention is that Deputy Richard Cain of the Orange County has been removed from uniform work pending an investigation into his actions concerning the August tip that meter reader Kronk phoned in. Apparently Deputy Cain was less than enthusiastic about investigating it.

So we have lots to talk about, we will see you all at 3pm tomorrow.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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