Hi everyone, Jan and I have heard a few growls from our readers about how they can listen to the Caylee Anthony call in show this afternoon. Firstly, let me say that the removal of the BTR Listen Live button was not my doing! BTR decided to ‘enhance’ their system, and one of the ‘enhancements’ was to disable the listen live button. I have opened a ‘trouble ticket’ with them, and it has made it’s way all to the desk of the Director Of Programming, however as of yet there is no resolution.

For those of you that wish to listen to our Caylee Anthony show, I recommend that you click on our BTR homepage which is here at 3PM CST, you should then be able to listen in easily. Option two, is to use the on-page BTR player on Blogger News, it is on the right hand side of the page, clicking on the white arrow head in the black circle should also launch the radio show.

We apologize for this inconvenient situation, but as the saying goes ‘it is due to circumstances beyond our control’.

On the bright side, we have some great topics to talk about this afternoon, Casey being forced to appear at the evidence hearing, dressed more like a street urchin than a party girl, rumors abound about immunity requests, offset by rumors of charges being laid against the senior Anthony’s. What about the dueling PI’s? Just how secure is Mr. Baez’s secure server, how long before the supermarket tabloids get hold of the autopsy and crime scene photos? Oh, and there is much more.

So listen in at 3PM, better still, listen in, and call in. Our switchboard will be open at 3:05 CST and the number to call is (646) 378-1120 we really want to hear your questions and comments today.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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