BNN is happy to announce that at 3PM CST on Sunday January 11, we will be hosting another talk radio show about the Caylee Anthony case.

This case gets stranger by the moment. Judge Stan Strickland for example was faced with having to deal with the Prosecution and Defense at war with each other over the release of Prosecution data concerning the autopsy of the now skeletal remains. The prosecution argued (rightly) that releasing the autopsy photographs would be akin to putting them on Lime Wire, it would be mere minutes before vital evidence is now on the Net.

Our good buddy, the grossly overstated attorney, the guy that has a less than stellar work resume, yes, you guessed it Jose Baez made the argument that these photos and x-rays should be available on a secure server, for his ‘expert’ witnesses to look at.

Not even Nancy Grace’s tame, so called computer expert John Lucich could possibly buy into this idea. I pulled out of the sharp end of the computer industry a few years ago, I prefer to look in from the outside. While I am sure that Nancy means well, sometimes her guests give you pause for thought.

Jose Baez managed to persuade Judge Strickland that it would be OK to put this information on a secure server that would be in Baez’s office, a password would be required to view the information, and no one but the experts will have the data. Well, I have been in the computer business for very very many years, stick the information on an internet connected computer, kiss the data good bye! Someone will break in.

I for one am shocked by Judge Strickland agreeing to the ‘secure server’, I’ll bet a dollar it will be less than 24 hours before the photos are on your favorite web site.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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