Blogger News will be back on the airwaves on Sunday Jan/4. What happened this week? For many, the answer would be ‘not much’. Yet if you peek under the hood, all sorts of unsavory aspects are floating to the surface.

Casey Anthony sits in jail awaiting trial on first degree murder, the discovery and identification of a bag of bones has deflated the senior Anthony clan (George and Anthony) from their quest for persuading the general public that we should be seeking a live Caylee.

Having spent many years following high profile cases, I have to admit that I am completely stumped by the antics of the defense team. It is not a Dream Team but rather a Nightmare Team! No attorney in their right mind would allow, or in this case encourage, a paid ‘expert witness’ to appear on the Nancy Grace show day after day.

Of course you can also view this entire case as a charade. Casey Anthony is in a win/win situation. If Bozo the Clown Jose Baez manages to get this killer off, Casey will be happy. If Bozo gets her a life sentence, the appeal will be based on incompetence of council. What a wonderful situation!

A common theory in business is that if you are incompetent, surround yourself by people that are even more incompetent!

Our show will be airing at 3pm CST on Sunday Jan/4. We do hope that not only will you be listening, you will also call in and tell us your thoughts.

On a completely seperate note, we are working hard at putting on a show at 2pm Sunday. I am sure that many of you have seen the TV show Cold Cases. We have a cold case, that has come alive almost 30 years later. A double murder may well have been solved. The police have re-opened the files, and just maybe there is some justice coming down. Stay tuned, this is going to be a hot one. Our guest is someone intimately involved.

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Simon and Jan Barrett

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