Well it was certainly a lively 60 minutes. It was great to have Sean Krause back on the panel, he has been a sorely missed asset for the past 3 weeks. Sean is undergoing some health problems but they certainly did not show up today!

Joining us on the panel was Dennis Griffin, an author and all around interesting guy. His specialty is books about the mob, and organized crime, in fact he freely admits that three of his five best friends are ex mobsters. Now I brag frequently about having ‘friends in low places’ but Dennis has me beat hands down.

Of course my lovely wife Jan was also on the panel, she has become the encyclopedia on the Caylee Anthony story for Blogger News Network.

This was an interesting week in the Caylee Anthony case. Grandfather George Anthony remains under supervision following an abortive attempt at suicide, the big question is if this is a call for help, or yet another ploy engineered to garner sympathy in the case. Meanwhile rumors abound about the less than stellar defense star Jose Baez, he has assembled a ‘dream team’ of experts, all of who are doing this work Pro Bono. In regular speak, they are working for free! Well, many people wonder about this Pro Bono idea, and I am certainly one of the most suspicious. Is Jose Baez working on a movie deal? Certainly it is a subject mentioned by credible sources. But, would even the most ‘ambulance chasing’ sleaze ball lawyer consider risking their license over a movie deal?

I do want to apologize to those loyal listeners who tune in every week and had a problem with finding the ‘Listen Live’ button on our web site. Due to an ‘upgrade’ by Blog Talk Radio, that button is no longer available. You will be happy to know that I have complained! And I will complain again!

The good news, well we have the show in the can, and you can listen to it here.

The one person missing today was Ms. Pickles, I am not sure why she could not make the show, but we certainly missed her.

Simon and Jan Barrett


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