We will be running our regular call in show about the Caylee Anthony case at 3pm CST tomorrow, and we hope that you will be able to join us, to listen in, click here or on the Blog Talk Radio button on the right side of the screen.

I am very pleased to announce that Sean Krause will be joining us again. And I will make a prediction, I will bet that he will not be nearly as well behaved as he was on Greta Van Sustren’s TV show last Thursday. He did not utter one single cuss word, my guess is that Fox TV had a Taser pointed at his nether regions!

It has been an interesting week in the Caylee Anthony case. On Friday it was reported that George Anthony was contemplating suicide and is now under psych supervision. Our favorite defense attorney Jose Baez has found a second job, teaching at a law school, personally I think he would be better suited to a career benefiting mankind, maybe garbage collection or hog farming. Rumors are also circulating that Jose may be embroiled in putting together a movie deal, a clear conflict of interest!

New documents released are giving a more complete picture of what was found in that trash bag, not just a skeleton wrapped in Duct Tape, but clothes, and a blanket. There is also the heart shaped sticker supposedly placed over the mouth area.

Please join us on Sunday as our guests talk about all of the new developments, better still, call in to the show and tell us your thoughts.

As Nancy would say “BLOCK BUSTER” the stats on Blog Talk Radio show that our weekly show is the most popular radio program in the News category! Jan and I want to thank all of our listeners for making this possible.

Simon and Jan Barrett


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