Set your dial to Blog Talk Radio on Sunday at 3PM CST and join us in another of our live shows to discuss the Caylee Anthony case. We have have our regular panel, Simon, Jan, Sean Krause, and Pickles.

It has been another busy week in the case and there is lots to talk about. George Anthony remains in hospital following his talk of suicide. Casey Anthony remains firmly locked up in jail, as the case inches forward toward trial. Judge Strickland has ruled that she cannot waive her rights to appear, and must show her face in court for the various pre-trial hearings. My guess is that this is a pre-emptive move shuttering one potential cause for appeal, that she did not consent to the actions of her lawyers. He also quashed the motion to recuse the prosecution, which was hardly surprising. However Baez did win a minuscule victory, gaining access to the crime scene. That victory seems to have no purpose however, Baez argued that ‘his’ entomologist needed to examine the area, however Baez has no  entomologist on his team?

Free enterprise entered the arena this week with the announcement of the ‘Caylee Sunshine Doll’, move that ired many people, and the idea has now been put on hold.

Speculation is still abounding over the money trail, who is paying the tab?

Although I have not looked personally some news organizations are reporting that the defense witness list with the exception of two people is identical to that of the prosecution.

I know that several people have had problems finding the show live, so here is one way that will work for sure. Because of the immense popularity of the show Blog Talk Radio has made us a featured host. So to listen in just go to at 3pm and you will see the link on their front page.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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