We will be hosting our regular The News In Review talk radio program tomorrow at 3PM Central.

Our panel will consist of Simon and Jan Barrett, Ms. Pickles, and Denny Griffin.

Once again the main item of discussion will the this weeks events in the sad case of Caylee Anthony. There is an interesting story about Congressman Alan Grayson who wants congress to donate $500,000 to kick start (yet another) missing child foundation. In my mind he would be better off using the money to support an existing group such as Tim Miller’s excellent group Texas Equusearch. What makes me nervous about this new organization is that it will be named in honor of Caylee Anthony. It has been my observation that Cindy and George Anthony love to profit from anyone using their trademarked name. Is there the potential for some profiteering here?

Another interesting item floating around is could Zanny the nanny be a nickname for Xanex?

There is also the strange story about the Anthony elders appearing on Oprah. I am no fan of Oprah, but I had always considered her a sensible lady, why on earth would she want these people on her show? Oh, and I wonder who is picking up the tab? Of course there is the possibility that the Big O will be adversarial, but I doubt it, The Anthony’s have tempers shorter than a gnats reproductive organ and at the first sign of trouble they will walk out. So the likelihood is that this will be a stage managed exercise in Public Relations.

Set your browser to the show tomorrow, and please dial in with your questions and comments.

You can also check out the Bio’s of our illustrious panel here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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