Once again we will be running our regular one hour look back at the weeks events in the Caylee Anthony case.

I am hoping to have the regular panel of experts, Jan Barrett, Sean Krause, Denny Griffin, and Ms Pickles.

Time permitting we are also planning to expand our focus to include the other disturbing missing child case Haleigh Cummings. This case takes the word bizarre to new heights. A child apparently abducted from under the very nose of the baby sitter/girlfriend. Adding to the mystery is that according to news reports both the father and the girlfriend have passed polygraph tests. Did someone indeed break into the home and steal the sleeping child from the same room that the girlfriend was in?

Back in the Caylee world the long awaited public memorial service was finally held. Reading various commentaries from around the Web it seems to have produced some mixed emotions. Many feel that it was not so much a celebration of Caylee Anthony’s short life but rather a PR exercise for the Anthony family as a whole, and Casey Anthony in particular. Certainly brother Lee’s use of initials CMA rather than directly using the name fueled a great deal of speculation that he was referring to Casey Marie Anthony. Indeed in comments made later this was confirmed, with a twist. CMA also referred to Caylee and Cindy Anthony, who also shares the same initials.

To catch our live broadcast on Sunday just head over to www.blogtalkradio.com at 3pm CST, we are a featured broadcaster so you will see the link to our program on their home page.

We look forward to hearing your questions on Sunday, and hope that you will be calling in.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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