It was another busy one hour radio show. The panel consisted of Jan Barrett, Sean Krause, Denny Griffin, Pickles, and myself. Keeping this crowd in check is like herding cats!

You can listen to the program in its entirety here. But you might want to cover your ears, a little of the conversation got a little ripe!

What you will not hear though is the discussion that ensued prior to going on the air. Sean Krause gave us a musical rendition of an old TV ad jingle. Personally I do not think Sean should try out for American Idol, but it certainly was amusing. Alas we were in the virtual ‘green room’ and the event was not recorded. A shame, it would have been a fine artifact for future generations.

Vegas based author, crime writer, and broadcaster Denny Griffin kicked off the program talking about a new Caylee Anthony book. He had an interview with the author a few days ago. She has found this project somewhat controversial, and has received a good deal of hate mail since announcing the book. The author is Diane Fanning. The working title is Mommy’s Little Girl.

What I am increasingly sensing in the case of poor dead Caylee Anthony a real shift in public perception. Support for Casey Anthony is almost zero, and the family, brother Lee, and parents George and Cindy Anthony seem to have become one of the most vilified families in living memory. Not seen as grieving grandparents George and Cindy are instead vied with suspicion. That was certainly the tone I got from both the panel and the callers.

Equally disliked, and distrusted are the legal team. High powered, and stupid! Jose Baez has been doing the TV interview tour, in most peoples opinions ‘cherry picking’ the TV ops. Only going for those that offer a good light. Needless to say neither Jose Baez, the other ‘nightmare team’, nor the Anthony’s would stoop down to talking directly to Blogger News. I can’t even lure silly Leonard Padilla to join the show! But I am pretty certain that Blogger News has been a topic of conversation for the whole group of them.

Long live the new generation of Citizen Journalists!

Once again I want to thank everyone that took part, it was an interesting show to say the least. And to repeat myself, the link to the audio is here.

Simon Barrett


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