As our good friend at Headline News loves to say ‘BOMBSHELL’, well we do indeed have some great news. Those of you that listen in to our Sunday show The News In Review will know that we use BlogTalkRadio as our platform of choice. It is not only one of the biggest Internet radio provider, serving literally thousands of shows regularly, it is also very simple to use. With a broadband connected computer, and the phone of your choice (mine cost $3 at the local thrift store) you are all set.

I was looking at the main site for BlogTalkRadio and for grins clicked on the link for the most popular shows, then I clicked on the category ‘News’. As you can see from the screen capture, our News In Reviews Sunday segment about Caylee Anthony is the most popular news show on BlogTalkRadio! Not just in the top 10 or top 100, but the top show!


And it is all due to you, the listeners and callers. I do hope that you can join us at 3pm CST on Sunday Jan/18 to listen in to what is going to be another great show exploring the tawdry events surrounding the death of 2 year old Caylee Anthony, and the often bizarre activities by the Anthony family and their lawyers.

To listen in live tomorrow, just click on the BlogTalkRadio button on the right side of the page (The top button).

Simon and Jan Barrett

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