Once again we will be hosting out News In Review show on Blog Talk Radio, and once again our topic of conversation will be the Caylee Anthony case. This will be an open forum and we encourage all of you to listen in, and phone in with your questions and comments. How can you find the show? Simple, just click here at 3pm CST on Sunday.

So what happened this week? Well to steal an article title from our good friend Sean Krause “George is out, let the stupidity begin.”

Jose Baez has been on the TV interview circuit again, trying to whip up support for getting the trial moved to somewhere where the case is not so well known. Short of Outer Mongolia I think he might be out of luck. he has also taken up the line that Casey Anthony’s situation is like that of the Dr. Richard Kimble case. For those of you not familiar with this case, it was what the TV show ‘The Fugitive’ was based on. In my eyes that is a bit of a stretch, sounds to me like he is clutching at straws. Baez also used the TV platform to reiterate that while he could not discuss the defense case or strategy, we would all understand once the trial is underway. Sounds like hooey to me. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, guess what? Its a duck!

There has been much grumbling from the Anthony family over the Zenaida civil case, and the term ‘5th amendment’ keeps rearing its ugly head. However several legal experts have been expressing doubt that that strategy is valid.

There is also the question of the funeral and whether Casey will be permitted to watch it on a video link.

The much talked about public memorial service is set for next Tuesday, and even that is somewhat mired in controversy. Security is said to be fierce, no cameras, no bags, metal detectors, the whole works.

I am hoping that Denny Griffin will be able to join us on the panel tomorrow, I have it on good authority that a couple of days ago he interviewed an author who is penning a book on the case. Books on this case, I feel are an ethical dilemma. On the one hand I think it is important that the story is told, however I am not nearly so supportive of it being done on a for profit basis.

There are also rumors circulating about a certain web site that could potentially lead back to the Anthony family, and could be a money making scheme. More on that later, we are still investigating.

We hope to hear from you all on Sunday.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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