This one was another great radio show, Jan and I have been following the story with fine tooth picks, but even we miss a few things. Our callers though are even more meticulous than we are. It is always exciting to open up the phone lines, and this afternoon was no exception.

What surprises me is just what a huge effect the death of one small child, Caylee Anthony could have on so many people.

The media circus is salivating, the dead tot’s mom Casey Anthony sits in jail as the only credible killer. Over the past 6 months Casey has led Law Enforcement on a huge number of wild goose chases, Zanny the Nanny, working at Universal Studios are clearly a couple of outstanding ones. Eventually though, the cops do know when they are being fed a line. Parents may choose to overlook the occasional transgression of decency, friends may even forgive a few checks signed in their name. But they should at some point realize they have a problem on their hands.

Mother Casey Anthony has a row with her parents George and Cindy, and takes off with her daughter Caylee, supposedly to stay with friends. Although Casey keeps in touch with her parents, a long 31 days pass, and the grandparents have not heard their grandchild’s voice.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Today’s radio show explored many aspects of the case, and I for one was amazed at the depth of knowledge shown by many of our callers.

If you missed the live broadcast you can catch it here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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