As always it certainly was a busy hour of live broadcasting. The guests, calling in, too many to mention, brought up important aspects of the Caylee Anthony case. What I find amazing is just how knowledgeable people are on this case. We regularly watch headline News and I have to admit that I cringe at some of the inane questions callers have for Nancy Grace, either the call screeners are totally incompetent, of this is a planned strategy to ensure that neither Nancy or her motley crew of experts are not put in an awkward position.

In all the weeks that we have been broadcasting I can only think of one occasion where a ‘silly’ question was asked, and in reflection I still think the caller had dialed our switchboard in error!

Much of yesterdays show concerned the newly released jail house video’s of Casey talking with her parents George and Cindy Anthony. The overall consensus of our callers are that they show a very egocentric young lady. There is almost no mention of the missing tot, it is all me, me, and more me. In fact I wonder if the Toby Keith hit ‘I wanna talk about me’ is one of her favorite tracks?

Another item that seems to have people upset is the fact that George and Cindy are still trying to make money from the dead tot, they are selling Caylee T-shirts on MySpace. At best this an only be viewed as  poor judgment and bad taste.

There is also the question of just who exactly is paying all of the defense team and their sundry experts. The word pro-bono keeps cropping up, but that has a bit of a hollow ring to it, there have been mentions of book and movie deals, but just how many books and movies will the market bear? As a professional reviewer, I know the book world inside and out, there is big potential pay-off for these people. A book that sells 50,000 imprints is classed as a hit, but that hardly is going to make an author rich. The movie idea is also fraught with problems, it is doubtful that a theatrical release would even be considered by any studio, much more likely would be a ‘made for TV’ or a straight to the DVD bargain bin at your local Wal-Mart, again this is not a big money generator.

The panel and callers also explored many other subjects, if you missed our live broadcast, you can listen to the recording here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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