To say it was a lively talk show does not do it justice. It was more akin to sharks in a feeding frenzy!

Few cases have garnered the public attention like that of Caylee Anthony, a two year old tot who has had her life ripped away needlessly. There is only one suspect, her mother Casey Anthony, who sits in jail awaiting a trial, where the death penalty is on the table.

Our panel this week consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett, Ms. Pickles, and the always interesting Denny Griffin.

There are so many aspects to this case that we likely could run a show daily! (No don’t ask for it, this one show per week takes more effort than you could believe).

This week we discussed the Oprah debacle, who canceled who? Oprah claims that the interview would be an exclusive, and with the Anthony’s appearing on CBS it became a pointless interview. Of course one might argue that Oprah was looking for an out. Her fans were clearly against the endeavor, and I am sure that it was pure chance that the interview was scheduled for ‘Sweeps Week’. A veritable harvest time for the networks. Cindy on the other hand is making claims that she canceled the interview for some odd, bizarre reason. Our panel was 100% in agreement that Cindy Anthony is talking a load of doggy doo.

I can think of few people that would pick Cindy Anthony over Oprah in a ‘telling the truth’ discussion.

The other interesting aspect about Cindy Anthony is her sudden urge to admit that like her husband George she to has contemplated suicide. I asked Denny Griffin his thoughts, and he shares my theory that this could well be a ploy that comes into play at trial. The Anthony’s cobble up some back up material, a tame doctor or two, and tell the world that they went through a temporary period on not being quite all there. I am not sure that I can recall another case where some primary witnesses have pleaded insanity. But, this is a case like no other.

I actually walked away relieved at the end of the show. I had been expecting a whole lot of questions about the dirt pile that Jan and I have been playing in for the past little while. But mercifully we were spared! We are still unraveling that one last knot. We have most of it, but not all of it. In fact anyone that has some information about the money trail should drop us a line, send it to Jan ( and put money trail in the topic. We are not interested in speculation, just facts. I know that there are people out there that understand our train of thought. And based on the individuals we have named, it is obvious where we are heading. As Debbie Harry of Blondie said in her huge hit ‘Call Me’.

You can hear the whole show here, it certainly was interesting.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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