Yes folks, we are going to do another talk show on the Caylee Anthony story, but this will be a show with a twist. Jan and I have been working hard and have found a mystery guest for the show. This person has had extensive dealings with Cindy Anthony, both on the phone and in email. Our guest has some pretty explosive revelations.

Remember the claim about Cindy Anthony’s email account being hacked? Just wait till you hear what our guest has to say about that?

We will also have a round up of what has happened in the Caylee Anthony case this week. We are now almost exactly one month away from the court case starting. But will it? In my mind it seems doubtful, rumors have it that the defense has not asked for access to a lot of the evidence yet, and a month is not a great deal of time to review the thousands of pages of information. My bet is that the defense team will try to push back the start of the trial a couple of months. One can only hope that the Judge makes the right decision. To grant a continuance seems prudent, if only to prevent a potential cause for appeal, the question is, how long should the continuance be for? The prosecution, may or may not squawk depending on how solid their case is. And of course the more time that elapses, the more time the prosecution has to find additional evidence.

Make sure you check out the show at 3PM CST on Sunday, no need to bookmark anything just come to and click on our Listen Live button.

We will also be opening up the phone lines to take your comments and questions.

Simon Barrett

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