Just a quick reminder to all of you that are following the Caylee Anthony case, Blogger News Network will be sponsoring another radio show this afternoon at 3PM CST. There is no need to remember complicated URL’s to listen in, just go to our front page www.bloggernews.net and click on the Listen Live button on the right hand side of the page.

Todays show should be our best yet, in the studio will be Simon and Jan Barrett, joining us from the Pacific North West one of our active commenter’s Ms. Pickles.

The high spot of the show though is our special guest, a person who has had extensive contact with Cindy Anthony, originally one of Cindy’s staunchest supporters they have recently changed sides. Our guest will be explaining what happened. Earlier this week Jan and I had the opportunity to talk with our guest and if that conversation is anything to go by, this is going to be a radio show that you will not want to miss.

So what new happened this week in the Caylee Anthony story? Mom Casey Anthony is still cooling her heels behind bars. It is reported that she has provided a composite sketch of the elusive nanny, however the Police seem so skeptical, they have not even bothered to release it.

George and Cindy Anthony continue to crusade for finding Caylee alive, which is becoming an increasingly unlikely situation. Cindy is also telling a somewhat dubious tale of her computer being hacked, and emails being sent to news organizations. I suspect our special guest will have one or two things to say about that.

The prosecution are beavering away in the background preparing for trial on Jan 5. Though few people in the know think that this date is realistic. The defense are strutting their stuff in public. yet there are rumors floating around that they have done little in the way of trial preparation, expert witnesses have yet to see the evidence. To many the question of a continuance being sought is not an ‘if’, but a when.

Tune in and catch up with all the news.

Jan and Simon Barrett

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