It has often been remarked that a court case is similar to a game of poker. The court room is really is just a large green felt table. The opponents lawyers hold the cards close to their chest, looking for an opportunity to put more money in the kitty. Poker has a term ‘bluffing’, as I understand it, this move is designed to persuade your opponents that your cards are better than theirs. This is done in several ways, you can use body language, you can use brute force, as in injecting more more money, or you can use your voice. It does not matter what the technique is, it is still a bluff.

This brings us to todays hearing in the Caylee Anthony case. Now I will admit that I did not watch the entire debacle, but I did talk to someone that was in the courtroom.

Baez thinks he is slick, but Jose, you are not as slick as you think you are. Trust me, the press watches for the little things. In a case like this it is the little things that are important. Sure, he introduced his Death Penalty expert, but that was hardly news, just another lawyer working for ‘free’. This ‘free’ word is really beginning to bother me.

No, the card he showed involved some cell phone records. He obviously has cooled to the Zanny the Nanny defense, lets face it, it was stupid from the get go! The Zanny story held about as much credibility as Mc Donalds earning a Michelin star.

The new target makes me really mad, he apparently is going after Jessie Grund. This is the most ridiculous idea I think I have ever heard!

Jessie was the guy that wanted to have a stable relationship with Casey Anthony. Jessie was the guy that offered Casey and Caylee a real life. Jessie was the person that reached out to Caylee. That is not something that many people would do. Jessie had no ulterior motive, he was in love with both of them.

It has been scuttlebutt between us press types for a while that Baez was going down this path. It is the wrong path. But Baez is clutching at straws. Jessie wanted nothing more than to help the little girl. That is clear in the interviews that CNN and HLN play on what is almost an endless loop.

I think that where Bozo Baez goes wrong is that he thinks us press types are stupid. If stupidity was a requirement I would get him to write for us. No, the press is a force, a force that cannot be manipulated.

Maybe he can do a snow job on a few, but he cannot snow the world, and he certainly cannot snow the press.

Going after Jessie Grund is equivalent of trying to make burgers without beef or a BBQ.

It certainly is possible that the ‘Free Team’ can prevent the death penalty, but they have little to prevent a guilty verdict.

Trying to pull in ‘third parties’ like Jessie Grund into the melee just turns my stomach. Jessie was the one person that actually liked Casey Anthony, he was also willing, able, and keen, to bring Caylee Anthony into his life.

I will be honest, todays events made me want to vomit!

Simon Barrett

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