It is being reported that Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez will be introducing yet another member to his Dream Team at the hearing scheduled for Thursday May/28. Under Florida law if the case involves the Death Penalty then the defending attorney needs to have some experience, this disqualifies Baez. As I recall the one and only murder trial he has participated in resulted in a guilty verdict.

So who is this new big gun? Well due to scheduling issues with the afterlife we can rule out Johnny Cochran and F. Lee Bailey. Though it is not inconceivable that the closing arguments might contain:

If the Heart Sticker Don’t fit, you must acquit!

I may sound like a broken record, but I am still bothered by the money aspect. Is this another Pro Bozo Bono deal? With all of this ‘free stuff’ floating around its a wonder that all these attorneys can make the payments on the BMW’s. I am firmly convinced that there is money floating around, and I am digging for it. Oh, and I am by no means the only one looking, it will surface, and when it does, watch the fireworks.

Whoever the new person is, has an uphill battle. Just catching up on the Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchel shows will keep them busy for weeks! Then there are all of the BNN articles 🙂

I don’t envy them the task!

So who is the new Masked Man? I do hope it is not another specialist in aircraft disasters! That acquisition blew my mind, well, unless they are going to claim that Caylee died as a result of a plane crash.

Simon Barrett

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