This was left as a comment on one of our articles – “Jose Baez Roasted, Toasted And Made To Look About As Useful As A Chia Pet”, however it deserved greater credit. While the name of the poster, Xiaomin Feador, might not be an easy one to pronounce, she does have an interesting view on the case and we thought we would share it with our viewers. The bad language has been edited  but other than that this is the original content of the comment.

Jan and Simon Barrett



David W Angelo, Brain P Berling, Linda F Bills, Jennifer Ford, Mary L Fuhr,
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Ronald H Robertson, Raymond L Screen, Harriet B White

CONGRATULATIONS to all U-12-PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS, for setting a callous, coldblooded child-murderer free and for turning our world upside down, great job!!!


But I am pissed beyond words. It’s been more than 3 months, now with your names made known to public, it’s like ripping the scar off of an old wound, I still feel the burning on my skin, my blood still boiling over and gushing out! I finally decided that I am in no obligation to sugarcoat anything. Your despicable behaviours and performance have entitled me to label U-12 as what you really are – THE-12 PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS! (A title of which you all should be remembered by the world.)

Oh yes, U-12-WATEVER have successfully F**ked up our world, our lives real good. That’s for sure. Ever since U-12 decided to set that coldblooded child-murderer free, we millions people have been forced (by our conscience) to sit our asses in front of computers, to vent our shock, anger, grievance, disgust on internet, hoping someone could/would hear us. And thanks to U-12 for that corrupt ‘NOT GUILTY’ verdict, it dawned on us that we, Americans, have to fight to beg for justice that was granted to us by our constitution, which carries the promise to protect the innocent and punish the evil.

On that black day July 5, 2011, in that Orlando courtroom, 3 long years after Caylee’s so-called ‘mother’ murdered her in coldblood, U-12-PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS killed Caylee one more time!!! (They say that one can only be killed one time, well, U-12-PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS proved them wrong, KUDOES!)

And so far, the best thing has come out of this NOT GUILTY verdict (given to a child-murderer) is the message sent out to those selfish tiresome desperate mothers – I don’t have to be stuck with the child that I’ve grown tired of, I can murder them, toss them away like trash, make sure lie lie lie and stick to my lies, hire some SCUM-JOSE-BS to lie for me, and be F**king psycho enough to bet my life on being blessed with some PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS to seat on my jury … all is set for me to get away with murder, become some celebrity, and CASH IN!!! There’s plenty of ‘Money Morons’ out there would kill for my interviews, pay me millions of $$$$$$ ‘to tell the truth’, to talk about how I loved my child, how much I’m missing my dead child … all this time while I shed few crocodile tears on stage. — One stone two birds, WHY NOT?

To all U-12-PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS, any future babies/children murdered by their parents, their blood is on your filthy hands. Make no mistake, this injustice verdict will be proven to be a deadly poisonous seed inevitably result in poisonous yield which will undoubtedly endanger defenseless children. Whether the criminal-wannabes would be lucky enough to succeed in getting away with murder is not the point here, the point here is the hidden danger lies in the incubation period prior to the crime. Once such greedy seed planted in the head of some criminal-wannabe, there is no stopping them from killing their own child to fulfill their desire of becoming free, famous and rich, the temptation of money and fame is deadly toxic. In their murder plans, the only thing a criminal-wannabe will see is money, freedom, fame, interviews … all drawn from that NOT GUILTY verdict U-12 handed to a callous child-murderer, ‘Didn’t that Anthony get away with murder literally!!! Anthony did it, SO WILL I. If that Anthony can pull it off, SO CAN I!’

U-12 PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS have mocked the American justice system, set back the progress we’d been fighting for centuries to establish by decades if not centuries, ripped a murdered child off of the only chance for justice. Had we been able to foresee what $HIT U-12 would hit us with, we’d definitely have had U-12 replaced by a pack of apes, donkey, pigs, rodents! It’s not a stretch to assume that with one pack of FOUR-LEGGED ‘jurors’ sitting in for U-12, the nation could have been reasonably hopeful in getting justice served. Not one of U-12-PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS had the necessary intelligence and integrity to serve jury duty. U-12 shared a combined IQ of 10 at the best, or the stingy amount of dignity and integrity worthy of a starved animal.

We the people shall make sure that this title shall follow U-12 and yr children till U die, and till they die. I hope yr family, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, friends (assuming that anybody is brainF**kedup good enough to even consider being friends with F**kedups like U-12), are very proud of U all for yr great achievement! — Oh yes, definitely something for yr children/family to brag about:

“My granny, my father/mother, son/daughter, man/wife, bro/sis, found that Anthony NOT GUILTY while the whole world thought otherwise, aint it just great?”


There’s only two logical reasonable plausible possibilities to explain the NOT GUILTY verdict. Either U-12 were a pack of totally F**king braindead imbeciles (How anybody could miss the mountain of evidences all pointing figures at the defendant is beyond anybody’s comprehension.), or U-12 were a pack of extremely F**king selfish-greedy-to-no-end criminals. It had to be one of these two. There is NO a third possibility.

Granted, U-12 had been sequestered throughout the trial, been cut off from the media and all. The purpose of cutting you off from the media influence is to keep you from getting clouded in your judgment, apparently U-12-PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS somehow managed to totally cut yourselves off from either yr common-sense or yr conscience (Assuming that any of U-12 were blessed with any of these two very basic human traits to begin with.). Don’t give me the F**king lousy excuse ‘We did our job … but there wasn’t enough evidence, … we were sick to our stomachs.’ that just wont cut it. The evidences presented in the trial was/is definitely enough, more than enough, was in fact OVERWHELMING, to prove the heinous crime the defendant was accused of.

From the beginning of the trail, the defense hit U-12 (and the whole world) with a bombshell when that JERK JOSE BS was giving his opening statement: — Caylee accidentally drowned. … Gorge Anthony scared/forced the defendant into a cover up, ‘poor kc’ acted as if nothing happened because Gorge Anthony molested ‘poor kc’ since it was 8, … Gorge Anthony disposed Caylee’s dead-body. … Roy Kronk found Caylee’s remains in August, decided he’d like to have some fun with the dead body first. He kept the remains or hid it under some dead tree branches, … at some point Roy Kronk even had to duct-tape the remains so the jaw wouldn’t fall off because he was moving the remains around (for God knows what reason that JERK JOSE BS didn’t care to elaborate), … 4 months later, Roy Kronk finally decided that he had had enough fun with a set of human remains he’d luckily stumbled upon, now it’s the time to cash in his ‘lottery ticket’ that came in the form of a set of human remains. Blah blah blah!

Now, in order to go along with this theory, one really would have to be like ‘been there done that’, had your dad’s penis in yr mouth (like JOSE BS had his dad’s penis in his mouth) and sucked it real good to have your brain totally F**kedup. Obviously, that ‘poor kc’ is not the only F**kup who did it, so did that FATHER-F**KER-JOSE-BS and every scum lawyer/expert on that defense team, and so did U-12-PINELLAS-FUKTARDS.

I, just like millions of others, personally took that jerk’s opening statements as an insult to my intelligence, apparently U-12 didn’t have any intelligence to be insulted.

With any reasonable jury, that ‘drowning’ theory itself should have, would have drowned right there in that courtroom, while that DARMA-QUEEN-JOSE-BS making himself a world class laughing stock! Can anybody blame Mr. Ashton laughing at that clown? I laughed at that DRAMA-QUEEN-JOSE-BS my ass off!

Shall we take a good look at this JOSE BS story – which only took that defense team (of one dozen legal experts) 3 short years to concoct, see how far it can go.

1. Caylee drowned? – The crime scene pictures showed clearly that 3 layers of duct-tapes attached to her tiny skull, you were told that her incomplete remains were found, scooped up from all over the swamp, … YET, not even one of U-12 F**king imbeciles saw any crime in these pictures? I suppose when somebody is duct-taped over their mouth AND nose, they are bound to die of drowning aren’t they? (I pray to the All Mighty God that one of these days we get to test this theory out on U-12-F**KTARDS, on that F**king ‘Dr. Splits’, on that JERK-JOSE-BS along with his pack of scum lawyers/experts, whoever refused to admit that the duct-tape was the murder weapon.)

2. An accident? — Why on earth would anybody turn an innocent accident into ANYTHING BUT? Just so that three years later they could be sitting on a murder trial and sure be acquitted? U-12 F**king worthless imbeciles.

3. Why on earth would anybody NOT to call 911 when a child accidentally drowned, for which nobody’s at fault? … Right! BECAUSE, according that JOSE BS, Gorge Anthony sexually molested that ‘poor kc’, and scared ‘poor kc’ into a cover up. – Not only that that ‘lawyer’ JOSE BS didnt bother to provide one shred of evidence to support this accusation (or ANY accusation mentioned in that jerk’s opening statement for that matter), U-12-F**KTARDS obviously had missed one factor drawn from common sense – No molestation accusation against Gorge Anthony was ever reported, investigated, charged or ever even mentioned by or to anybody. That JERK-JOSE-BS had the nerve calling the states evidence ‘phantom theory’ while his client never even been reported showing any symptom of a sexually abused victim, suddenly now, sitting its F**king ass on a murder trial, it just hit ‘poor kc’ that ‘… ooops, my dad F**ked me since I was 8.’? — HOW CONVINIENT?

Now, let’s give it the benefit of doubt, let’s say that the child molestation DID happen, what the F**k has that got to do with the murder trial? … Oh right, they had this 31 days of party orgy to explain away. So JOSE BS put this ‘grieving expert’ on the stand to explain it away. According to that ‘JOSE BS EXPERT’, been sexually abused is the reason behind the 31 days of party orgy that that ‘luving caring mother’ had wholeheartedly enjoyed right after Caylee’s sudden untimely death. They even had a term for it, it’s called ‘ugly coping’. – Have any of U-12-F**KTARDS ever met, heard of any parent mourning their dead child in nightclubs, shopping malls, tattoo lounges? Outside of that courtroom there’s a whole world of people, not one ever heard of such ‘ugly coping’. Take a good look at those party pictures taken during that 31 days, without having a so-called ‘grieving expert’ spinning yr F**king head, did any of those pictures show you that this is a ‘grieving mother who just lost her child’? — I don’t know what U-12-PINELLAS-FUKCING-GENIUS saw in those pictures, I saw a ‘mother’ who was happy, EXTREMELY HAPPY that its child is gone, I saw a ‘mother’ who wanted its child gone, I saw a ‘mother’ who could kill, would kill, in fact DID KILL for its child to be gone!!!

4. Why would the defendant rather sit its F**king ass in jail for 3 long years, locked up alone in a tiny cell for 23 hrs a day, charged with murder 1 that comes with death penalty, most certainly facing the 99.9999% chance of a conviction, missing out on all those parties and a BELLA VITA that just made the 3 long years even longer … that ‘innocent defendant’ went through all this horrible shitty ordeal over an ‘innocent accident’? During that 3 years of investigation, how many times this ‘innocent’ defendant was given the opportunity to claim ‘Caylee drowned’? U tell me, if any of U-12-F**KTARDS ever did pay any attention to the evidences presented throughout the trial.

Can any of U-12-F**KTARDS imagine what would have happened had that ‘luving caring mother’ jumped on that opportunity when those police officers suggested the drowning possibility? – ‘Yes, Caylee drowned. It was an accident.’
The next logical step from the police would have been: Okay, she drowned, unfortunate but not impossible, children drown often. … Now, where is her dead body? – Then this ‘luving caring mother’ would have found itself landed in a hard place and a rock, to make up another ‘truth’ story or to explain why ‘my beloved daughter’s remains were left rotten in a swamp, and the most shitty part would have been to explain away the 3 layers of duct-tapes attached to ‘my beloved daughter’s mouth AND nose. … GAME OVER for this ‘luving caring mother’.

5. It’s reasonable to assume that that JERK JOSE BS meant to infer that Gorge Anthony decided to ‘cover this up’ in an attempt to save his daughter right? … Then, one month later, when he was there watching his daughter being handcuffed away, thrown behind cold bars, charged with murder, don’t you think he would be like ‘I am damned! This little cover-up plan just backfired!’ … Being a doting father who would do anything to protect his children, don’t you think that was the moment Gorge, any parent, would have fessed-up right there and then, to stop this ‘innocent snowball’ from being rolled into some bigger shit than he could handle?

6. Did that JERK JOSE BS ever tell U-12-F**KTARDS the details of the so-called ‘cover up’? All I heard from that jerk was ‘… kc immediately began to cry, cry cry … Gorge yelled … Gorge decided to cover it up, he disposed Caylee’s dead body.’ – The end.

Now, U-12-F**KTARDS tell me, what JOSE-SHIT did I miss?

Again, let’s say Gorge Anthony did all that JOSE-SHIT, still it won’t justify their claim that the ‘luving caring mother’ didn’t know where, how Gorge Anthony disposed Caylee’s dead-body. What had that ‘luving caring mother’ done about/for its ‘beloved daughter’? (Oh yes, kc cried, cried, cried … for like what, 3 seconds? … the next minute this ‘luving caring mother’ left, gone partied for 31 days!) Over 31 days, while this ‘luving caring mother’ was busy shopping for push-up bras, renting movies, driving friends around, calling, making party plans, drinking, dancing, whoring around, getting tattoos, entertaining, comforting sad friends … never once did this ‘luving caring mother’ call its partner, ‘Hey dad, what did you do with the dead-body of my beloved daughter?’ … NOT EVEN ONE TIME! And such behaviour/demeanor didn’t hit U-12-F**KTARDS as coldblooded, callous? That this is the indication of this ‘luving caring mother’ actually capable of doing all it can to get rid of its child for a BELLA VITA?

On the other side of the coin, U-12-F**KTARDS didn’t seem to have any problem to buy that load of crap about Gorge Anthony. This is the man who had been driving thousands of miles to chase any lead of his granddaughter’s sightings, only to return home empty-handed and brokenhearted. Yet every time when a new lead kicked it, regardless of how unrealistic those leads were, this man hopped in the car with a mirage hope derived from desperation, hit out on the road no questions asked, just to return home empty-handed brokenhearted again and again; This is the man who committed suicide over the confirmation of his granddaughter’s death, cuz he couldn’t handle the excruciating pain of losing his granddaughter. Yet U-12-F**KTARDS believed that Gorge Anthony – a man who (according to that jerk’s own words) buries his dead dogs with a considerably loving caring method – would just toss away his granddaughter’s dead-body like trash in a swamp, then go back home, eat dinner and go to bed. U-12-F**KTARDS really have a knack carving on people’s heart when it’s already bleeding.

7. U-12-PINELLAS-F**KEDTARDS also bought that load of crap about Roy Kronk from that JERK JOSE BS. … Would any of U-12-F**KTARDS do any of those self-destructive self-incriminating brain-dead SHIT that JERK JOSE BS accused Roy Kronk of doing? Would U mess around with a set of human remains that U just happened to stumbled upon? Would U duct-tape a skull so the jaw wouldn’t fall off when U’re moving the remains here and there (for whatever F**king reason JOSE BS fancies you might have)? Best of all, would U hang on to yr ‘lottery ticket’ for 4 months before cashing it in (Not to mention this ‘lottery ticket’ came in a form of a set of gruesome human remains hunted by the nation)?

‘Mr. Roy Kronk is a morally bankrupt individual.’ Says JOSE BS. And i say, ‘JOSE BS, look who’s talking?’ … No, I correct myself, ‘JOSE BS, look WHAT-THE-F**K is talking?’. That meter guy Roy Kronk might, just might, very well be ‘morally bankrupt’, but he sure as hell never sucked his dad’s penis like JOSE BS did, sure as hell anit no so F**king braindead as to waiting for 4 months before cashing in on HIS lottery ticket.

That scum JOSE BS claimed that Roy Kronk had the control of Caylee’s remains for 4 months, if U-12-F**KTARDS paid any attention to the trial, U’d realized that the jerk defense lawyer had thrown out more than one explanations of HOW Roy Kronk managed the control over Caylee’s remains for 4 months. In his opening statement, that jerk’s story went as: Roy Kronk kept the remains, moved it to somewhere else. … Later into the trial, with that ‘Dr. Splitz’ claiming ‘the duct-tape was not the murder weapon, was attached to the skull AFTER the discomposing was completed’, that jerk JOSE BS modified his story accordingly, this time it went like this: Roy Kronk kept on moving that remains around therefore he had to duct-tape the remains to keep the jaw from falling off. And 4 months later Kronk brought the remains back into the swamp and staged it the way the remains were shown to the police. By the time the prosecution presented the crimes scene pictures taken BEFORE the remains been scooped up, showing vegetables and vines grown through the skull, which proved that the remains had been in the swamp for a very long time. In his closing statement, for the third time, that JERK JOSE BS changed his story again: NO, Kronk did NOT take the remains away from the crime scene, he hid it under some dead tree branches. — Didn’t this self-contradictory argument hit U-12 PINELLAS-F**KTARDS as oddly suspicious, that this F**king ‘lawyer’ was making stuff up on the fly?

Such JOSE BS shenanigans were played throughout the trial.

After this JERK JOSE BS had banged Gorge Anthony’s head left and right for hours over the duct-tape on the gas-can and on the searching fliers, implying that Gorge was the one duct-taped the remains, … then JOSE BS turned, pointing his F**king fingers at that ‘morally bankrupt’ meter-guy. … Did this question ever hit any of yr tiny brain cell — ‘Hey, wait a minute, is it Gorge Anthony or Roy Kronk, which one was the devil here that duct-taped the remains, Mr. Lawyer?’

Then there is the internet searches for chloroform. – No, my client didn’t do it, that’s the family computer everybody had the access to. … Oops, both parents were proven to have been at work at the time of the searches been conducted. … Okay, my client did it, SO WHAT? It was innocent searches. Ya bet we have an explanation — some dumb horny guy taunted my client with that online picture saying ‘Win her over with chloroform’. What 22yr-old wouldn’t be curios? What curios 22yr-old would not want to know how to make chloroform then?

And let’s not to forget JOSE BS’s numerous ‘explanations’ of the dead odor in the trunk. If my memory serves me right, here’s the short list according to that JERK JOSE BS: — Not human decomposition order, it’s old pizza, garbage, hamburger, dead squirrel, salami, dead pigs, cleaning products, cheese. … Seriously, U-12 bought all that? Are U F**king kidding me or U’r F**king kidding yourself?

IF ONLY, U-12 didn’t lose yr brain-cells in yr dad’s crotch and were willing to use it. IF ONLY, U-12 (or ANY of U-12, or even just ONE of U-12) ever ‘stop and think, and question’, you would understand what I mean by JOSE BS opening statement was an insult to human being’s intelligence, You would understand why I say the ‘drowning’ theory itself should have drowned, should have been weighed down to the bottom of the courtroom floor by its countless holes. … Well obviously, expecting U-12-F**KTARDS to ‘stop and think, and question’, demanding U-12-F**KTARDS that ‘Here are the pieces of the puzzle, put them together.’ – is too much of a luxury that we the people just couldn’t afford.

Now u tell me how far one can go with this ‘accidental drowning’ theory? … I don’t know about U-12 F**KTARDS, but for me, I can go with this laughable ‘theory’ as far as I can throw that F**king scum liar (Ooops, did I say liar? I mean that F**king scum Anthony ‘lawyer’).

Do I dare to assume that U-12 could pull yr head out of yr dad’s crutch, stop sucking yr dad’s penis and get some brain cells restored in yr head, so we can move on to a walkthrough of the State’s case? (Please say YES. I’m giving U-12 a chance to prove that u are indeed 12 human beings with a functional brain, give us a reason WHY NOT to replace U-12 with a pack of FOUR-LEGGED ‘jurors’.)

This is not the first ‘circumstantial’ case in criminal/murder trial history.

In the Scott Peterson murder trail, on June 1st, 2004, the opening statement got underway. The prosecution started their case with calling it ‘A COMMON SENSE CASE’. They told the jury, as evidence will show that few weeks before the murder the defendant had started a very serious affair, which implied the defendant’s desire of freedom from his marriage. The prosecution walked the jury through a long list of CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidences. The prosecution promised the jury, if they were willing to connect the dots, these circumstantial evidences will paint a clear picture of a premeditated murder committed by the defendant. … Those 12 men and women considered the evidences in a serious, objective manner, tried their best to analyze, to sift through the evidences, finally came to the conclusion that though as circumstantial as the evidences seemed, but all these circumstantial evidences pointed fingers at one direction, the defendant.

You as jury don’t, no one does, have the rights to brush off any evidence over the lousy excuse ‘it’s all circumstantial’. As a mater of fact, on some occasions, circumstantial evidences have been proven to be more reliable than witness accounts. Many convictions have been acquired based on (in some cases, even less) circumstantial evidences, in some cases even done without the victim’s dead-body ever been found. When it comes to considering evidence, you must do some analyzing, sifting, connecting dots, and you MUST employ your common sense. ‘Reasonable doubt’ doesn’t mean ‘… oh, I don’t know who to believe, I am lost. … DINDONG! I believe I’ve found a reasonable doubt.’ NO, YOU DID NOT.

The key word here is ‘reasonable’, and it’s all about COMMON SENSE. Let’s say that one night when you go to bed the lawn is dry, the next morning you wake up to find the lawn in everybody’s yard soak wet, you don’t have to be up all night to catch the rain drops dripping on your hands to be able to come to the conclusion that it had rained during the night while you were sleeping. Simple as that.

In this case: The defendant was the last one seen with the victim (especially when considering the mother-daughter relationship of the defendant and victim in this case, the ‘mother’ was the only one had the murder opportunity – Evidence 1). The defendant was the only one lied to police repeatedly (the attempt to destroy evidence, because its web of lies caused the delay of the discovery/recovery of the dead-body which carries physical evidence – Evidence 2). The defendant was the only one whose car reeked of death (which puts a dead-body in defendant’s car – hard physical evidence – Evidence 3). The defendant abandoned its car which also carries physical evidence, the death odor (another attempt to destroy or contaminate evidence – Evidence 4). The defendant was the only one whose life suddenly became a BELLA VITA after the child’s death (murder motive – Evidence 5) – What more does anybody need to convict?

The same logic goes to the defense ridiculous theory. Common sense tells us that this dead child – whose remains were tossed like trash, left rotten in a swamp, her mouth AND nose duct-taped in layers – could not have died in an ‘accidental drowning’. Claiming this child’s death an ‘accident’ is not reasonable at the best, is F**king ridiculous at the worst. In fact, it is INCRIMINATING.

True, the prosecution team didn’t have a killing video to present in the trial, the so-called ‘hard evidence’. Do you know that unlike the criminals in CSI or other dumbass TV shows, the real criminals don’t kill on video or in the sight of others? Maybe it’s because the real criminals just refuse plan to get caught. Instead, real criminals go out of their way to lie, to get rid of evidence, to divert any suspicion from themselves, they do everything they can to get off the hook. — Exactly what this defendant had done.

How convenient is it that the defendant happened to ‘forget to throw out the garbage’, oops, later when Caylee turned out dead and the defendant’s car trunk was found smelled death? – Could it be the garbage was put in the truck as a decoy to cover the dead odor? How convenient is it that the defendant’s car was left unattended for days, eventually ended up in a junk-yard? – Hmmm, what better way to get rid of the dead odor by leaving the car to some hoodlums drive away, then the shit is taken off of my hand? How convenient is it that when the sinister internet searches was proven to have been done by the defendant (BTW, even that was an involuntary confession from the defense AFTER Cindy was caught and proven to have committed perjury, in a bid to take that incriminating action off from the defendant), then suddenly there happen to be a dumb horny boyfriend taunted the defendant with that ‘Win her over with chloroform’ online picture that lured this ‘innocent defendant’ to look up for how to make chloroform ‘out of curiosity’?

The mere fact that the defendant had SO MUCH to explain away, had so many ‘stores’, ‘theories’ as to what happened to Caylee (the ‘kidnap’ theory alone had TWO versions), had so many such freaky coincidences happened to itself — is a big red-flag, a big indication of guilt. The chloroform, the sinister internet searches, the dead odor in the truck, the duct-tape, the 31 days of no-action of care/concern for Caylee’s whereabouts and well-being, the tattoo … on top of all, the repeated lies to the police. … YES! I F**king heard you, ‘Just because she lied doesn’t mean she killed.’ — No, it doesn’t. But When you face a ‘mother’ lied to the police who were called in to find the ‘missing child’ it shows that the ‘mother’ did not want the child found; When you face a defendant whose abandoned car found reeked of death, coupled with the fact that its child turned out dead, tossed away, it’s the time to put the two and two together. Thanks to the defendant’s web of lies delayed the discovery of the remains, resulted in no physical evidence survived after rotten in the swamp for 6 months. The defendant was buying the time to let evidence erode away in that swamp. Innocent people don’t lie to police, especially when a murder investigation is concerned, simply because innocent people have nothing to hide!

Now, let’s take a look at the murder opportunity. With the ‘drowning’ theory thrown out, unquestionably, the defendant was proven to be the last one seen with the alive Caylee, therefore the only one who had the opportunity of killing.

The victim in this case was not even 3 years old, and the defendant had the sole custody of the child (being the ‘mother’). It’s not like Caylee could have come cross some friends and wandered off from her ‘mother’, or somebody else could have snatched Caylee away from her ‘mother’. WHY? Why none of those scenarios could be the case? — Because the defendant itself, its web of lies and that 31 days of ‘no-action’ behaviour had burnt that bridge. If any of those scenarios were the case, any innocent mother would definitely have called the police, cooperated fully with the police to find the child. In stead this ‘mother’ partied for 31 days speaking to NO ONE about Caylee, and did nothing to help the police in finding the ‘missing’ child. Oh wait, this ‘luving caring mother’ did a lot, lying lying lying, leading police driving all over town on a wild goose chase. (That’s why the need of ‘nanny kidnapped Caylee’ story, the defendant was trying to toss the shitty-hot ball off of its own hands, toss it onto others, to buy time.)

Though no judge or jury would turn down the proof of cause of death, but this element is NOT a must required in proving murder cases. Because not knowing the cause of death doesn’t mean ‘no death’, the child IS dead! No cause of death DOES NOT disapprove guilt. Lack of murder opportunity (= a solid checked out alibi) disapprove guilt. All you need to know was WHO had the access to the victim, who had the opportunity to kill. — On June 16, 2008, at around 1pm, the defendant left home with Caylee, the next thing the public knows for sure is: At around 7pm that very same day, the defendant showed up at boyfriend’s apartment, ALONE, and spent the following almost 20 hrs in the company of the boyfriend. IF Caylee was still alive during this 20hrs, a toddler would have needed food, water, a bed to sleep and care. Therefore, we can logically conclude that Caylee must have been killed during that 6 hrs (between 1pm to 7pm), during a time period there was no one else but the defendant (being the ‘mother’) who could have, did have Caylee in its hands.

Motive was not required of prosecution in any murder case, yet the Fl. State certainly proved that particular element of murder accusation against the defendant. No one else did, would, could benefit from Caylee’s death, no one else but the defendant. Remember how Ms. Linda Burdick ended her closing arguments: ‘All you need to ask is one question, Whose life is better after Caylee’s death? That’s the answer to why Caylee was found murdered, left rotten in a swamp.’ – with those words, Ms. Burdick left you and the whole world with a picture of that ‘luving caring mother’ shinning with a big bright smile on its face, wholeheartedly enjoying, participating on a hot-body contest, which taken place on June 20, 2008, 4 days after Caylee’s death.

(And according to Mr. Lazzaron’s testimony, on the very evening of Caylee’s death, this ‘luving caring mother’ was with him, renting/watching movies, going at it all night through. That was HOW LONG and HOW this ‘luving caring mother’ mourned Caylee, its ‘mourning’ process didn’t even last one day, IF, it did ever ‘mourn’ at all. I once had a colleague one day simply didn’t show up at work, the office received an Email read, ‘I’m off today. My cat has just passed away, I can’t get dressed up, and put on a smile for the world. At least not today.’ — And, here we had a ‘luving caring mother’ didn’t waste one minute to enjoy its freedom, its BELLA VITA that paid for by Caylee’s short life.)

Anybody with half a brain could figure out WHO had the motive to get rid of Caylee, the ‘big trouble comes in a small package’, whose existence and need of 24/7 care was holding her ‘mother’ back from parties. People might not need a reason of doing everything, but you, I do, sure as hell need, must have a GOOD reason for committing a crime, especially a murder. There is nothing, absolutely nothing in it for anybody else to murder Caylee, but there is a whole world of care-free life, a BELLA VITA for the ‘luving caring mother’ to get rid of the child. … That’s why Caylee was found left rotten in a swamp, for months her tiny remains were being feasted on by wild animals, her bones dragged about all over the swamp that one piece of her foot bone was never found.

Another indication of the defendant’s guilt is that Cindy Anthony was caught in action and proven to have committed perjury (right in that courtroom, right in front of your F**king faces), lying under oath ‘I, not my daughter, did those chloroform searches.’ —
Do you think Cindy Anthony would have gone that far and low as to committing a crime of perjury, putting her own ass in jeopardy, if it were you or me, or somebody else sitting on trial for murdering Caylee? U-12-F**KTARDS!!!

There’s a saying goes, ‘F**k me once, shame on you. F**k me twice, shame on me.’ The defendant in this case was proved (convicted by U-12) to have lied to everyone, the parents, relatives, friends, the police, over and over, … yet, when it claims (through its lawyer’s mouth) ‘NO, I didn’t murder my daughter, she drowned, … my dad threw away her body … my dad F**ked me since I was 8 … ’ U-12 F**king imbeciles bought it all, swallowed it all. U-12-PINELLAS-F**KTARDS happily gave this proven/convicted habitual liar the power to F**k you all with that ‘kc version 3.0’. WHAT is it huh? This time, when it is sitting on a murder trial, this proven habitual liar must be telling the ‘truth’? It must be ‘true’ just because this proven habitual liar defendant says so huh? Or was it because this whole ‘I am innocent, I didn’t murder Caylee.’ statement came from the mouth of a well-suited licensed lawyer? Mr. JOSE BS must be telling the truth cuz he’s in a $500 suit huh? NOW there’s a joke for ya, F**king retards!

On another note, I’m sure it’s too much to ask of U-12 F**king imbeciles to realize this cold chilling fact, that by claiming ‘Caylee accidentally drowned’, the defense (a bunch of bottom-feeders) practically went as low as to throwing the 3yr-old victim herself under the bus, their hidden words were ‘Caylee drowned, it’s all her own fault. She had only herself to blame!’ … Along with everybody else they had thrown under the bus in their desperate attempt to get a coldblooded child murderer go free, the father/grandfather, the brother, the police, the state experts, the guy who found the remains, the FBI … Hell, they even threw the cadaver dogs under the bus, ‘The cadaver dogs lied too. … Everybody lied to get my poor innocent client here for murder trail, everybody lied except for my poor innocent client.’ (Not the exact words of that JERK JOSE BS, but pretty much that was the base of the JOSE BS defense.)

Throughout the whole trial, the State was sticking to their one, only one theory of Caylee’s death – the ‘mother’ murdered Caylee for a carefree life. Whereas the defense throwing every shit on the wall hoping SOME will stick. … In his opening statement that JERK JOSE BS announced in plain, unmistakable, explicit English, ‘Caylee accidentally drowned.’ … By the time of his closing statement, that JERK JOSE BS was barking, ‘The State never proved the cause of death, we will never know how Caylee died.’ … Apparently even such morbidly incoherence didn’t strike U-12 this is nothing but a desperate attempt of a lousy good-for-nothing lawyer whose last ditch defense strategy was to ‘just muddy up the water’ – WHAT can be done to bring your F**king lost brain-cells home?

You know what, I bet with all I have that not only me and millions of ppl in the world, but the defendant itself, and its defense team, are all laughing their ass off at your F**king unprecedented stupidity. I bet’ya all that even that JERK JOSE BS didn’t believe how lucky that he was, to have hit such a shitty jack pot of ‘12 PINELLAS F**KTARDS’ serving this jury, because he was hoping for just to have ONE dumbass seats on the jury, to whom he could hopefully sell his bullshit. ONE such dumbass was all he needed to keep the defendant from being put to death. When facing the mountain of evidences all pointing fingers at their defendant, ONE DUMBASS JUROR, NO DEATH PENALTY was all the defense team was crossing their fingers and toes for.

At the end, U-12-PINELLAS-F**KTARDS sure handed out much much more than that pack of scum-defense-lawyers had bargained for!


While it’s totally not a surprise that one county can be the home to 12 imbeciles of this braindead (there is always that 10% in ever group who can, and usually will, screw things up for the rest), on the other hand, when we take the level of scrutiny adopted in the jury selection process into consideration, then it is astronomically impossible to have 12 F**KTARDS from one county all fallen into one pack. So, that leaves us with the other possibility, the only other possibility. The one that is more sinister than being F**king braindead (being THIS F**king braindead IS a sin) – You were 12 Pinellas extremely F**king-elfish-greedy-to-no-end Criminals, who deliberately, willfully, handed out this injustice verdict to increase your pay rate over interviews which you were sure will follow after this high profile trial. That explains why you 12 F**KEDUPS refused to sit down to the court media conference, you 12 F**king-selfish-greedy-to-no-end criminals were holding your shitty stocks for blood money. You won’t talk for free.

I, along with millions of people with the sense of justice, righteousness and integrity, will go to our graves convinced that U-12-PINELLAS-F**KEDUPS have committed a heinous crime, knowingly, willingly, deliberately let a coldblooded child murderer go free, in exchange for blood money. You must have been telling yourself in that deliberation room, ‘Yeah, it’s sad that a child is murdered, nothing we can do to bring her back, but we CAN do something to serve ourselves, … after all, we’ve earned it, we’ve been locked up, away from our family and life for so long, we’re entitled to some compensation. We didn’t kill Caylee, her mother did.’

The judge ordered a 3 month stay period before releasing your names to the public, hope people would cool off by then. Guess what, come here and read our lips, ‘We shall never forget and never forgive!’

We the people shall make U-12-PINELLAS-F**KED UPS to pay for what you did. And we’ve been fighting your dreams of making blood money ever since the day you 12 handed out this corrupt injustice verdict. IF any of you 12 F**king criminals were ever found to try to cash in, you deserve to have a cold bullet shot through your F**king head! Yeah, take it as a threat to all of you 12 F**king criminals, and it is a promise to Caylee. We shall fight you 12 Pinellas Criminals to the end, you shall never be able to cash in on the heinous, despicable crime you have committed.

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