Will Caylee Anthony’s mother, Casey Anthony try running or not? I don’t think I would risk it. I would have to be chained to her personally if it were my money used to bail this habitual liar out of jail.

Before getting to the house Anthony’s brother, Lee Anthony had asked reporters to step away from the sidewalk. They didn’t want to talk about Casey but they did threaten reporters to get them off their property. In fact Cindy Anthony threatened to take the water hose to them.

Casey Anthony walked out of jail just after 10:30 am this morning under an umbrella and wearing the same hooded top she was wearing the day she was arrested. After a slight tangle with reporters she was driven to her parent’s home in the black Dodge Durango. When they got to the house the garage door opened and the Durango disappeared inside as the doors closed. Casey’s attorney’s co-counsel Michael Walsh came out of the house and escorted two men from a BMW into the house.

Casey was fitted with a device on her ankle to monitor her where ever she goes. She is not allowed to have any cordless phone and can not use a phone with any special features on it. I wonder how they will know if she uses her Dad’s, her Mom’s or brother’s cell phones or did they have to get rid of theirs too.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that later Domino’s Pizza made a delivery, bringing in a medium pizza. I guess the spoiled brat was craving pizza. Headline News on CNN said the first words out of Casey was that she wanted a hot shower not anything like how relieved she was that she is out so now she can get her daughter back. 

Leonard Padilla’s partner, Robert Dick, told ABC News Wednesday, “We think she wants to talk about it. She’s in a situation where she’s in over her head and she needs some help. The reason this is being done is to get her out of being in custody and to be able to talk about it.” 

Well the way I see it if she had just told the truth from the beginning she wouldn’t be in over her head now. Why pamper this woman because she lied? It seems like they are focusing just on Casey now and not worrying about finding Caylee.

Leonard Padilla said on TV that she needs a few days with her family before he speaks with her. Why should she have time with her family now? Caylee can’t be with her family! Why does this have to be all about what Casey needs?  What happened to the theory that once he has her out on bail he will have her singing like a bird within a few days? Now suddenly he is allowing her a few days with her family before talking to her.

I think all they are doing is allowing her to talk to her family so they can all get their stories straight when they decide what they are going to say about where Caylee is. If Casey is guilty of wrongdoing to that adorable little girl her family will bend over backwards to protect her. They are not going to turn her in for anything she tells them. Why would she say anything now that she is free on bail? She knows if she tells now she will go back to jail.

I have said this before, she is a very smart woman. She knows exactly what she is doing and I am sure her Dad has taught her all the tricks in covering up a crime and to keep her mouth shut. I don’t believe her attorney, Jose Baez, when he said, “She is going to help find Caylee. There are certain things that the police haven’t pursued. We’re going to pursue that.”

I do know this though. If this were my daughter that has been missing for more than two months, I would be going crazy trying to find her. I wouldn’t be thinking about a hot shower or wanting to satisfy my pizza cravings. I get mad every time I think about this case.

Caylee if you are out there sweetheart the whole nation is praying for your safe return. If you are no longer with us on this earth, I have no doubt that the angels above are watching out for you.

Jan Barrett

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