We were all shocked when back in October Jose Baez’s team’s spokesman, Todd Black made the statement on a CNN TV Show over the phone, “This is a very serious case, involving not just the loss of the life of this little girl, but the loss of whatever is going to happen with Casey Anthony.”

After this caught the ears of thousands of people of course Baez and Black did try to deny that he said this, saying he was misunderstood, Todd Black conveniently dropped out of the spotlight and a new spokesman was named for the defense team.

Eventually it came to light that Todd Black was not even this man’s real name but no one would reveal who he really was. We only heard his voice, never seen his face so naturally it looked suspicious. In fact one of Baez’s partners, Jose Garcia, even stated that he has never seen Todd Black.

Well WFTV has learned the true identity of the so called Todd Black. Why doesn’t it shock me to learn the truth about him? A former FBI agent Jack Trimarco told WFTV that Todd Black is actually a man called Gil Cabot, who apparently is no stranger to the prison system. He has spent time for trying to extort money from a Los Angeles anchor, Jann Carl, who is now with Entertainment Tonight Show. 

Eyewitness News tried to talk to Jose Baez about it but he wouldn’t answer any questions. Jack Trimarco said he heard Black talking on a recording and he told Kathi Belich, “But I know that, based on the recording that I listened to, Todd Black is not Todd Black. Todd Black is Gil Cabot.”

Trimarco said someone had alerted him about Cabot aka Todd Black was involved in the Caylee Anthony case, so he listened to a recording of his voice. He said after it wasn’t only his voice that he recognized. “But I do believe that he used an alias Todd Black back in the 1980’s,” Trimarco said. He also claims that Cabot uses threats and aliases to make money. “The voice change, the pitch changes, the inflection changes… but the bottom line is they’re all Gil Cabot,” said Trimarco.

My question is if Jose Baez is always telling the reporters that he has nothing to hide how come he wouldn’t talk to reporters about this? I think this man has got more motives in taking this case than any of us realize and it just could be that the little spoiled brat might have been taken in by someone smarter than her or should I say sleazier than she is. Maybe they both deserve each other.

In other stories involved in this case is a list of questions prepared on behalf of Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman Casey Anthony openly accused of taking off with Caylee and kidnapping her. Gonzalez has denied knowing anything about Casey, or Caylee or any of the Anthony’s for that matter and has decided to sue Casey for defamation of character saying this accusation has ruined her reputation and life.

Circuit Judge Jose R. Rodriquez constructed the list of questions to try and assist Gonzalez in clearing her name in all this mess. Some of the questions include:

“What kind of car does she drive?”

“Do you know who killed Caylee?”

“Were you involved in the death of Caylee?”

A complete list of the questions can be found here.

On Nancy Grace tonight it was discovered that Gonzalez drives a car with New York plates on it. So like Nancy I find this is way too much of a coincidence for all these clues coming together not to be related to what Casey said from the beginning for her not to have been talking about this Gonzalez which to me would say that Casey did some hard planning to fit all this together during those 31 days her daughter was missing before she bothered to tell anyone. She just didn’t count on Zenaida to come out fighting back to defend herself.

Baez says Casey wants her day in court. He claims they feel his client is innocent. Well if they are so sure like I have said thousands of times before, why the hell are they wasting taxpayer’s money for feeding this woman and housing her treating her like the little princess that she thinks she is. If they can prove she is innocent then they should be forced to speak now or forever hold their damn peace. Why would she prefer sitting in a jail cell all these months not to mention all the months to come if she can prove her innocence? Why? I bet I know why. It is simple. It is no doubt because they don’t have crap. They are drawing straws and trying to buy time. They don’t have answers for the questions so they try telling us she is innocent but we all know better. He knows better, so does George, Cindy and Lee Anthony.

I pray to God that Casey Anthony pays dearly for what she has put her family through and the public but more than anything else I hope she pays heavily for what she done to her precious innocent daughter. Caylee didn’t deserve this. She deserved so much better than the woman that she called Mommy.

Caylee God bless you sweetie and remember that we all love you!

Jan Barrett

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