Caylee Marie Anthony disappeared in mid June and no one was notified of her disappearance for 31 days when the child’s grandmother finally called 911 to report it. Cindy Anthony’s famous words to the 911 operator were ‘My daughter’s car smelled like a dead body had been in the damn car’.

A mass search went on for months for little Caylee although her mother, Casey Anthony stuck by her story that she left the baby with her Nanny that morning on her way to work and that afternoon when she went to pick her daughter up they all were gone. The strange part was that Casey Anthony led law officials on a wild goose chase during the investigations including lying to them even about her employment. She told them she worked at Universal Studios when in fact Casey was not even employed at all and hadn’t been for some time.

After collecting loads of evidence Casey was finally arrested and charged with first degree murder when a Florida grand jury handed down the indictment against her. She has been held in jail since then in the Orange County Jail under no bond.

On December 11, 2008 a county meter reader spotted something in the woods less than a quarter of a mile from George and Cindy Anthony’s home (Caylee’s grandparents). When he got the cops out there they discovered human bones which they said appeared to be that of a small child along with a skull. The skull appeared to have duct tape wrapped around its mouth. Later the public got the word that we all were waiting for, the remains of this little child were identified positively as those of Caylee Marie Anthony. I remember that day and I remember crying. I felt as though I knew this child personally, and my heart was reacting as any normal mother would have.

Thousands of people came from all over the country to show their respects for Caylee and the area where her remains were found was eventually made into a self made memorial site. People brought lots of stuffed animals, paintings, cards and things such as religious items. The items kept piling up until eventually it appeared as a large memorial site. It caught rain and wind damage throughout the past months.

Well according to WESH2 in Orlando, Florida this site has been removed. According to the Anthony’s lawyer, Brad Conway, he was planning on asking the County to clear the memorial site up by removing it. I am guessing the Anthony’s no longer wanted to be reminded of Caylee. I realize the stuffed animals must have been dirty and wet and messy but they still represented this child. Her life ended before she had a chance to even live it. When WESH contacted the County they claim it wasn’t them that cleared the lot off. When the real estate agent that represents the owners of the land was called they did not return the calls right away.

Conway has been reported as stating that The Anthony’s are happy the memorial site has been removed. I think instead of wanting to remove this memorial that the Anthony’s should have been trying to take care of it and keeping it cleaned up. I know eventually they need to move on but until their whacked out daughter goes to court over the murder of Caylee this child will be in the news. I guess since they have turned their backs on Caylee to defend her mother’s killer, their daughter, they can’t handle being reminded of this precious child.

Meanwhile tomorrow should be the day we find out if we are going to be allowed to view the jailhouse video of Casey when she was told that the remains of the body found were indeed that of her daughter. Also Baez is expected to announce who will be leading the case since Baez isn’t qualified to handle a trial when the death penalty is on the table. The hearing is to be held Thursday morning at 10 am EST. This should be interesting.

Jan Barrett

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