George and Cindy Anthony spoke to the media after their Sunday night prayer vigil that was held for Caylee Marie Anthony, their granddaughter that has been missing since mid June. Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee is being held without bail in the Orange County Jail and is being charged with first degree murder even though the child has not been found yet.

When asked what they thought about the state not going after the death penalty for their daughter they claim not to be surprised at all. Cindy Anthony also stated that the release of the videos showing their meetings with Casey when they visited her in jail doesn’t upset her at all.

“I said from the very beginning if they would have shown those tapes they would have seen that she does have emotions. She does care, does love her family. She’s not a cold, callous person like everybody wants to paint her out to be. She is a desperate, loving mother,” said Cindy Anthony.

I almost choked when I read that statement. Does she really think that watching those videos will make the public see Casey like that? All they did to me was make me see what a self-centered person she is (and that is being nice) The only time emotions were seen is when she talked about wanting to get out of there. She knew she had to say it was for Caylee but she didn’t mean that and it was very obvious.

Cindy Anthony claims she doesn’t watch all the media coverage but I bet she does. She wants to see just how many of them are mentioning her name in the news. She wants to see just how popular she is getting. She also said that there is about to be a lot of national exposure. She was speaking of tomorrow morning’s “Today” Show. Jose Baez is scheduled to be a guest. Then on Wednesday Cindy and George plan to fly to California to appear as guests on “The Larry King Show”.

For someone who hates and blames the media for how messed up things are right now they sure like talking to the National TV Stations, don’t they? If this was a crusade in attempts to actually find little Caylee I would be all for it. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I was part of this family. They are on a crusade to save their precious brat and that is about it. The Anthony’s have to know by now that Casey did something with Caylee and she will probably never be found now.

She said while they are in California they plan to use the trip to investigate another possible sighting of Caylee on the West Coast. How convenient for them that this sighting came up now while they are going to be on the west coast.

I hope one day the Anthony’s wake up and see their lying conniving self-centered daughter for what she is. I somehow doubt they ever will though. They want so much to believe every word Casey tells them that they can’t even consider the possibility that Caylee is gone. Casey should be so ashamed of herself for putting her family through this to begin with. Now I doubt if any of the Anthony’s will receive much sympathy from anyone other than a handful of people. It might appear to them they are getting sympathy from networks like NBC and ABC but you can bet their only interest is ratings for their show. They could care less about the Anthony’s or what they are interviewing them about. I am curious about just how much of this Larry King Show will be about finding Caylee. I bet there will be more talk about how Casey is in jail and how innocent she is and how Law Enforcement is out to get her and them.

When Caylee looks down at us from heaven I hope her heart can possibly forgive her family as she watches what they are doing. If she were my daughter and I knew I had done something to her like this I wouldn’t want to live anymore. We all know in Casey’s mind that is right opposite from what she is thinking. She thinks now she can start living again, because she is convinced by her lawyer she will get out of this and be free again. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when they find her guilty of first degree murder. I bet we see tears then because she will know she will be an old lady when she gets out of prison (IF she ever does) and no man will want her then. Then maybe Caylee will get her justice.

Caylee America still loves you sweetie. God bless you!

Jan Barrett

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