The remains of little 2 year old Caylee Marie Anthony was discovered Thursday December 11 by a utility meter reading man. Caylee had been missing since mid June as most people know. Her mother, Casey Anthony didn’t seem to think it was important enough to bother calling the police to report her daughter missing saying she thought she would do her own investigation to find her instead. The problem with that is that she looked in strange places like night clubs, Blockbusters and Target Department stores. It is quite obvious that this woman was not worried about finding her daughter as everyone can see in the videos captured of her after her daughter disappeared.

Casey is being held in the Orange County jail without bond on charges of murder of her daughter even though at the time of her arrest the authorities had not found Caylee yet. Now that it has been officially confirmed that the remains found is indeed that of Caylee Anthony, what comes next.

Well apparently once the investigators declared their search of the area where the remains were found was done something they found gave them reason to get a judge to swear out another search warrant for the Anthony home yet again. Reports are saying that they were inside the Anthony home about an hour and 45 minutes. They came out carrying two big boxes full of stuff and 2 bags but Orange County Sheriff’s Capt. Angelo Nieves wouldn’t say what they took out the home. He just replied that the items taken were items of evidentiary value found in the home.

George Anthony could be seen through the door and it was clear that he was not happy about this new search warrant. “It’s never a good time for anyone who’s lost a granddaughter – obviously we’re going to treat them with respect, Nieves said. “But we have an investigation to conduct.”

Jose Baez has been heard whining to the judge wanting to get in at the crime scene so he and his team could do their own investigating but the judge refused his request saying they could not go in until it was positively identified as Caylee. He even told Baez that he would not assist him in interfering with a murder investigation. Orange County Medical Examiner Jan Garavaglia said the cause of the child’s death will be listed as homicide by undetermined means.

The Orange County Sheriff’s office removed the crime scene tape at about 3 pm, Saturday and many people came down to see the area where Caylee was found. It was understood that once the investigators were done with their part of the crime scene that Jose Baez was going to go in there with his team but Nieves stated that when they contacted Jose Baez about 3 hours earlier Baez informed them that the defense investigators no longer wanted to examine the site.

This bugged me big time after all the whining and calling for emergency hearings fighting in court to be allowed in there, he decides no thanks we are no longer interested. That sounds to me like they only wanted to be there while the Sheriff’s detectives and the FBI was there perhaps in hopes of being able to sabotage some of the evidence found. Of course this is only my opinion but anyone could easily reach that same conclusion I am sure. Personally I think they think the only way to win this case would be to get their hands on some of the evidence so they can destroy it.

I am sure they are going to try to sell the case as being that Zanny killed Caylee and not Casey but I feel in my gut that there is no way that will be bought by any juror member unless perhaps someone pays someone off which is not impossible. I still think Casey placed that duct tape over Caylee’s mouth to make it look like she had been kidnapped and it was there so she couldn’t scream. I think Casey had all this planned to make it look like she was killed by the kidnappers and not her.

It is being said that the grandparents are asking for full immunity now if they agree to cooperate with authorities. Why would anyone believe them now? I wouldn’t. They have told authorities story after story only to later come back and say something different. No wonder Casey has never told the truth. She had good teachers when learning how to lie. I say it is too late now. I say arrest them all. Let them all sit behind bars and grieve together.

I am sure George and Cindy Anthony loved little Caylee but they seem to have made it their choice to stand by their daughter now and the mother inside me can almost understand that part. The problem is how they can turn their backs on the innocent grandchild that didn’t ask for anything but love from her family. She was your typical little 2 year old that couldn’t have possibly done anything to deserve death.

Maybe now Caylee will be allowed to be laid to rest. I pray that they have a decent burial for our little Angel and if I am ever able to be in the Orlando area I will definitely want to visit her grave and bring her some flowers. I am sure tears will fall down my cheeks just as they do when I visit the grave of my twin boys. I didn’t know Caylee when she was alive but I feel her in my heart now as though I did.

God bless you Caylee and all the other innocent children looking down from heaven. Also God bless all the innocent children that are suffering on this earth right now that we don’t ever hear about. I know there are many out there.

Jan Barrett

Editor’s note from Jan and Simon: Don’t forget to listen in today to the Blog Talk radio show. There is a double header today starting at 2 pm CST. They will be exploring the OJ Simpson story with their special guest attorney, Peter Haven. Then we will be discussing the Caylee Anthony Case starting at 3 pm CST. Simon will announce the phone number to call in on both shows so be sure to listen in and feel free to call into the show if you have any questions or comments.

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