Caylee Anthony is a world wide name now since she disappeared in mid June and was later found in December thrown in the woods with her remains inside a laundry bag and then stuffed inside an everyday garbage bag. Not only was this precious gift from God thrown out as if she was yesterday’s garbage but when her little skull was found there was duct tape covering her little mouth, indicating that this was no accident, this was murder spelled with a capital M.

Caylee mother was the last person to see Caylee but she claims she dropped Caylee off with the “Nanny” on her way to work that morning and when she returned that evening there was no sign of Caylee or the so called “Nanny”. OK Now this is when it normally would be time to panic but what does this child’s mother do? She goes out for the next 31 days and parties and there are lots of photo’s to prove she was out dancing on poles, cooks for her boyfriend, rents movies, goes on a shopping spree at Target using money she stole from her friend and having fun showing no signs whatsoever that her 2 year old daughter had disappeared with this nanny. Oh and did I forget to mention that she didn’t even have a job so her story to the police was all a lie. Some mother huh?

Casey Anthony specifically told authorities that the “Nanny’s” name was Zenaida Gonzalez. Now after an extensive search there was only one Zenaida Gonzalez found in this country that had any association whatsoever with this case and the apartments where Casey claims Zenaida lived.

Now Zenaida has filed a civil suit against Casey Anthony for defamation claiming Casey has ruined her life by publicly using her name as the one that kidnapped her daughter. Her attorney Keith Mitnik told WFTV that the Anthony’s have trashed his client’s name. So now he wants to hear everything they know about Gonzalez. Lee Anthony is scheduled today to appear to answer questions under oath in this case. His attorney said his client will not answer any of the questions though if the media are allowed in the room. He should be held in contempt if he refuses that. It is supposedly a Florida law to allow the media to be there. Just who do the Anthony’s think they are? They think just because they don’t want to do something they don’t have to. It just doesn’t work that way.

Update: When he arrived at the courtroom Lee, who was dressed in a pair of jeans and white polo-type shirt, sat with his arms crossed and avoided looking at reporters. Television cameras were invited into the downtown courtroom, according to attorney John Morgan, but a last-minute agreement was reached to keep them just outside of the deposition. Anthony was expected to answer some questions when the deposition is completed

George and Cindy Anthony seem to think they are above and beyond the law yet once again since they seem to have successfully avoided being questioned for now. Their attorney, Brad Conway told the judge Wednesday that it wouldn’t be fair to force them to face depositions with camera’s rolling. He claims they are not emotionally able to testify in the defamation case against their daughter. That is kind of odd though because I bet if the cameras were rolling in her face, Cindy Anthony would have no problem at all to fight the world saying her daughter didn’t hurt her granddaughter that the “Nanny” did it or someone else. She never had a problem before with that and she was on the medication then too. As for George Anthony, I am sorry but I think this whole suicide thing was staged just to keep him from having to testify anymore since he apparently has already given some damaging testimony.

Conway claims both George and Cindy are under a doctor’s care as they grieve for their granddaughter but they did not bring any evidence to show the court that any of this could legally prevent them from testifying.

“To spend three hours and answer questions for my client, who kind of gets lost in all of this and her rights, is probably the least painful thing they’re gonna have to do in the next month,” said Gonzalez’s attorney, Mitnik. He says his client has a right to clear her name saying she was sucked into the case through no actions of her own and the Anthony’s have actually perpetuated the accusations that has contributed in ruining her reputation with statements like the one Cindy said in July about Casey forgiving Zenaida for taking Caylee. “It’s frustrating. She needs to move forward. We’re gonna get ‘em under oath. I wish tomorrow, but it’s coming,” said Mitnik.

I see that sleazebag Jose Baez is at it again whining to the courts. Apparently he has filed another motion to be heard in court Monday. This time he wants the state to be stopped from releasing thousands of pictures from Casey’s computer and her photobucket account, even though a lot of the photos have already been released. He claims that the photos were taken a year before Caylee disappeared and they have no connection to this case. He says the release of these photos will only embarrass Casey and they could paint her in a negative way. Sorry but I had to laugh at that one. Doesn’t this man know his client that nothing could embarrass Casey at this point? She loves all this attention no matter how sleazy her photos are, besides if she put them on photobucket she put them where people can see them so she must not be too embarrassed of them.

Baez is also trying to keep the video taken of Casey’s reaction in the jailhouse when she was told of a child’s remains being found BEFORE it was even proven that it was actually Caylee. He says the claim violates his clients Sixth Amendment right to have her lawyer present as well as her medical privacy under law.

I would say she doesn’t deserve to have any rights. She should have been stripped of any rights the day she did this to her own child. I don’t think that anyone, not just Casey Anthony, who takes the life of a child, should have any rights.

Caylee was the one that paid with her life in all of this. It is so sad that a 2 year old child had to do such a thing. What is even sadder is that Caylee probably forgives her mother right now which wouldn’t surprise me. That is how special this little girl was. The Anthony’s just don’t know what an honor it was to have such a fun loving child in their family. If they actually did they wouldn’t be standing behind Casey right now declaring her innocent. Stand by her, yes I can understand them doing that to a certain degree but not defending her as if she has done nothing wrong. A parent can stand by their child that has done something like this without patting them on the back as if to say it is ok, we will get you out of this, but just don’t ever do it again. As Judge Mathis on TV calls it, Tough Love” is what is needed here.

Let’s all pray for justice for little Caylee. God bless you Caylee.

Jan Barrett

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