Will the truth ever come out? Will justice prevail in the case of who killed Caylee Anthony and who helped cover the truth? Well according to Lee Anthony’s attorney, Thomas Luka the State Attorney’s Office could possibly charge Lee with obstruction of justice or aid and abetting, even if it was not Lee’s intention to do so. Luka says Anthony has done nothing wrong though. Luka pointed out that his role here is to be an advisor to Lee, advising him on what he should or shouldn’t say to investigators in the case.

“It’s an ongoing investigation, so no one really knows where it’s going to lead. Mr. Anthony obviously wants his civil rights protected. Everyone involved in the case should have their rights covered when determining what the police can and can not do or should or should not expect from the witnesses involved in this case,” said Luka.

Also Luka stated that neither Lee nor his parents, Cindy and George Anthony have been called as witnesses in the case, but they are preparing for such a scenario. (Does this mean they are all getting their stories straight so there won’t be conflicting stories amongst them?)

Luka told MyFoxOrlando.com that Lee Anthony has been conducting his own investigation in the case looking for suspects. He said Lee has cooperated with detectives including handing over a DNA sample.

While speaking with reporters Luka said he wanted to rest any cloud of impropriety and a cloud of rumor about the money donated connected to the search for Caylee that Lee Anthony collected. He said thousands of dollars have been donated by strangers wanting to help find Caylee since mid July. Along the way Lee has been accused of using some of those funds inappropriately.

“There was no impropriety. There is a cloud of impropriety and a cloud of rumor that I think has been fueled by the non-expenditure of the funds, that has been following Mr. Anthony around,” said Mr. Luka. “He wants to make it clear that no money has been improperly used.”

Financial statements from the funds were made public on a memorial website in honor of Caylee Marie. (I only saw where a few deposits were made. I didn’t see where the money that has been spent went, unless I just didn’t see it all) The Anthony family would like for the public to believe that those donations have paid for everything from flyers and t-shirts with Caylee’s picture to helping Lee doing his own private investigation.

“Again, when this investigation first began, we the public did not know who was responsible for Casey’s disappearance. Mr. Anthony was going under the assumption that she was kidnapped. He investigated that angle first and utmost,” said Luka.

Luka claims there is some money left in the Help Find Caylee Anthony, but wouldn’t say how much. “As far as I know the money will be returned to the senders or individuals who have paid it,” he said.  

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony is being held in Orange County Jail on charges of first degree murder since before Caylee’s body was found. She is sticking to her story that the Nanny, Zenaida took her daughter. I am not exactly clear though on which story she is sticking with. Is it the one where she dropped her off at the apartment on her way to work and later that afternoon she found no one home and couldn’t reach anyone by phone so she decided to do her own investigation for those 30 days before her mother, Cindy finally reported Caylee missing? Or was it the story where Zenaida and her sister took Caylee while they were at the park and gave Casey a script to tell police but was ordered to keep quiet for 30 days before doing anything? Who knows with Casey, she lies so much who can tell when she is actually telling the truth anymore. That is IF she is even capable of telling the truth at all. 

There has been lots of questions from the public wanting to know who is paying for the defense team especially with all the high profile members that they have put together since everyone knows that typically this group would not be cheap. It is still unknown whether any of them are being paid.

Right now other than Jose Baez himself other members of the defense team gathered together include Linda Kenny-Baden, Jose Luis Garcia, Jonathen Casen and Mike Walsh. Now if the state decides to go for the death penalty then Terrance Lenamon would more than likely join the team.

Richard Hornsby, a criminal defense attorney said one of the questions that the people have asked Baez is, “Are you going to do what is best in Ms. Anthony’s interest, or what’s going to get you on TV the most?”

Under Florida State Law, Baez would not be able to tell or sell his story for profit if Casey Anthony is convicted of first degree murder, based on attorney/client privileges. Hornsby said, “If Ms. Anthony is convicted of anything, Mr. Baez and anybody who has worked on his defense will never be able to publicly speak about either what she said, what she talked about or how their defense was prepared. If they did they could be sued.”

If by some miracle that Casey would be acquitted of first degree murder she could give Baez permission and then and only then would he be allowed to make money from this case. (I guess he is that sure of winning this case. How else could he possibly afford to take on this case with the expense it has cost so far? In my opinion people do not do this for people like Casey Anthony just out of the goodness of their hearts even if they are millionaires.)

I have a lot of strong opinions about this case that some don’t agree with but that is ok because like everyone else I am entitled to my opinion. I think Casey Anthony is guilty as sin. I think she had help after she killed her daughter, but I haven’t figured out for sure who that was.

I guess once this goes to trial everything will come out. I wish the trial was tomorrow so this could all be over. Then little Caylee could finally rest in peace. Imagine how embarrassed she is as she looks down at how her family is acting. Caylee, don’t be embarrassed honey. Their actions reflect on them not you. The world knows you are the little angel that everyone has come to know and love. We all grieve for you but we know you are in heaven safe with the angels there now. God bless you and all the other little children up there with you.

Jan Barrett

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