The State Attorney’s office in Orange County Florida has now formally charged 22 year old Casey Anthony with child neglect and making a false report to law enforcement authorities concerning the disappearance of her soon to be 3 year old daughter, Caylee.

Test results on the evidence that authorities took from the trunk of Casey’s car and the back yard of the Anthony’s home are expected to be completed by the FBI this week. Then they will be turned over to the investigators from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Spokesman Carlos Padilla says that they will release what they redeem appropriate when they deem it appropriate to the investigation. He says this is a case that can turn into a homicide case and with the national scrutiny it is attracting they have to be sure to dot all the “I’s” and cross all the “T’s”.

Fox News reports that sources close to the investigation say that Casey is not likely to be granted immunity or exemption from criminal prosecution, which was mentioned in other reports. Criminal attorney, Rajan Joshi, said, “Immunity will only be beneficial if there’s another suspect. If they grant her immunity and she points the finger at a third party, her testimony would be shredded with a bunch of lack of credibility.

Investigators still believe that Casey Anthony is the key to finding Caylee. “She knows what she did. She knows what time was the last time she saw the child, who she may have left the child with,” Orange County Sheriff’s Captain Angelo Nieves said. “Our concern is to find Caylee, whose birthday is Saturday. She will be three years old.

Casey claims that she dropped Caylee off with the babysitter, a woman called Zenaida Gonzalez, at the Sawgrass Apartments in Orlando. On the original arrest report from July 15 someone by the so called babysitter’s name looked at the apartment on April 17, 2008. reports that it has been confirmed to them that the apartment managers say that the incident didn’t happen in April, but it did happen on June 17, two days after Casey says that Caylee was last seen. The manager claims that on June 17 someone came asking about the apartment using the name Zenaida Gonzalez when they filled out the guest card but their handwriting was sloppy. Apparently someone misread the date when they filling out the original arrest record. Local 6 was told that when the managers tried to follow up with the woman after June 25 the phone number she left with them was no longer valid.

In a national interview George Anthony, Casey’s father, has admitted that it was in fact his daughter, Casey that stole the two gas cans from his shed. Last week when they were reported stolen he told reporters that his daughter did not take the gas cans. He had filed a police report on June 24 saying that two gas cans had been stolen from his shed.

George said he had pressed Casey for a metal tool he needed that is used to rotate tired with that was in her car. She was insisting that she get it out of her car with him telling her that he was capable of reaching in her car himself to get the tool. He said when they opened the trunk of the car he saw the two cans.

The Anthony’s are claiming now that they have been receiving threatening letters, phone calls and emails. Cindy claims that one extortion letter was forwarded to investigators but a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says they know nothing about any extortion letter and they are not actively investigating any threats to the Anthony’s. Cindy Anthony says the threats are real and it isn’t from just strangers either. She makes accusations that old friends of theirs are even turning on the family.

Cindy Anthony was scheduled to visit with her daughter Tuesday but never showed up. She claims that she didn’t go because she has something private to discuss with her daughter but since all the jail visits are monitored she decided against going. She claims she relayed what she intended to talk to Casey about to her lawyer since his visits with Casey are private. said that Cindy felt that if she went to see her daughter it would hurt her chances of finding Caylee. “If I have to choose between Caylee and Casey, I’m going to have to choose Caylee right now, because she doesn’t have anyone fighting for her,” she said Tuesday afternoon.

It was reported also that last week a friend of Casey’s canceled his jail visits claiming it was because of concerns about media scrutiny. Cindy Anthony is the  first family member to cancel a visit though. She claims that she was afraid that whatever she said about Caylee could be made public and put her life in jeopardy. “It’s all about Caylee and her safety,” she said.

Lee Anthony told reporters that the toys and stuffed animals that the family threw out were toys donated to the family and none of them were actually Caylee’s. “We don’t want to make it sound like we’re not thankful for all the stuff, because we are, it was something we tried but could not put to use,” Lee said. He said they had considered donating them but they were in poor condition. (My own opinion about that statement is why would anyone consider donating a toy that is in poor condition to begin with though)

I think that the whole thing sounds fishy to me. I believe the family knows more than what they are saying and they are trying to protect their daughter. They are telling lies about the case just as much as their daughter is and I don’t think they should get away with it anymore than Casey should be. The sad part is that little 2 year old Caylee is the one having to suffer here. I pray they find her alive and well.

Jan Barrett

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