Friday morning was not an easy morning for me. After not having any sleep last night due to an abscessed tooth I knew I had to be awake for 7:30 my time so I could watch the hearing scheduled for 8:30 EST. So I got my coffee and sat down at my computer and watched it live on

The first thing I saw was Casey Anthony all dressed up in her gray suit jacket, with her hair up in a sloppy made bun and no makeup on, entering the court in handcuffs and shackles. Then she was taken outside the courtroom where they removed her handcuff s and she returned to the courtroom and was seated next to her attorney, the sleazebag, Jose Baez. It turned my stomach to watch this woman sit there and laugh with her attorney’s while she sat there being accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter.

The motions today was on an overall a victory I say for the prosecutor’s office. Baez filed a motion trying to get prosecutors kicked off the case which Judge Stan Strickland denied. Now Baez did win his motion to be able to go on the property where little Caylee’s remains were found even though he was having trouble getting the owners to cooperate with him.

The third motion filed by Baez was that Equusearch be forced to hand over their records concerning the searches they made for Caylee. Tim Miller’s attorney Mark NeJame told the judge this motion to him was nothing more than a fishing expedition and then with no disrespect to the judge reminded him that he didn’t really have jurisdiction to issue a subpoena for their records since the group was based in Texas not in Florida. Baez even tried using the fact that since Mark NeJame once was employed by the Anthony’s  that this could be a conflict of interest but the attorney representing the Anthony’s came in and said NeJame had been completely dismissed free and clearly from the Anthony’s and it was their wish to make that clear to the courts. Later this afternoon Judge Strictland denied this motion.

A date for the trial as yet to be set but prosecutor Linda Drain said, “I don’t expect this to be ready for trial until later this year, hopefully.”

Eyewitness News is reporting that they were told by jail officials that they discovered a Caylee bracelet stashed inside a sock for Casey in the clothes that Baez dropped off for her at the visitation center. They said since it was a rubber band and not a weapon no harm, no foul. They also learned that Baez wanted her to wear this bracelet which had the inscription “Forever in our Hearts Caylee Marie Anthony” on it so he put it inside her sock. It is considered contraband and the jail guards confiscated it.

Now being an attorney at law shouldn’t this Bozo know better than that? And what I want to know is why he isn’t going to get into trouble for this. Jail spokesman Allen Moore said that there was no evidence that there was any malicious intent to smuggle in the bracelet. They say Baez will be notified that bracelets are not allowed but if the item found had been illegal or dangerous they would have called the law. So once again the whining lawyer gets away with wrong doing by playing the innocent act. If it was so innocent then why did he bother hiding it when he dropped the clothes off?

These people make me so sick. It is so hard to watch Casey on TV with her laughing and smiling. At one time during the hearing this morning while they were talking about little Caylee being killed the camera’s went over to Casey and she jokingly threw her pen or pencil (whatever it was she had) at Baez and was laughing. The expression on her face looked like she wasn’t even concerned about what was being discussed. All it looked like she was interested in was flirting with the bozo attorney she has.

I kept watching though looking to see if I could see any type of emotions on her face that showed any grief for the loss of her little girl. Sadly to say I didn’t see it. You can bet I wasn’t the only one looking for it either.

When the topic of a change of venue came up prosecutors told the judge that they thought it was too early to discuss since the trial is so far off. Baez told the judge he will make a formal request for it soon. After the hearing the bozo told reporters, “I anticipate it being soon, because we feel our client is innocent and we want to have her day in court. She wants her day in court. I know that’s hard for everyone to believe, but she is innocent.”

YEAH RIGHT BOZO! We shall see soon enough. I don’t believe anything this man or Casey Anthony or her family says about this case.

Caylee we are still fighting for justice for you here. We love you and will never forget you. God Bless You!!

Jan Barrett

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