Was this a victory for Casey Anthony or a disappointment? Does she really want to sit in jail for that long waiting to have her day in court so (as her lawyer put it) we can all hear her side of it and then we will say oh, now we understand! I doubt anyone will ever be saying that. To begin with NO ONE in their right mind would sit in jail for all that time IF they had evidence that they were innocent. They wouldn’t be waiting for their “day in court’ to present this evidence. Baez must think we are all as dumb as he is. Casey loved to party too much. There is no way she would give her partying up just so she can have her day in court.

Her team of lawyers appeared before Judge Stan Strickland along with the prosecutors for the case requesting a postponement from the October trial.

One of Casey’s ‘specialty’ lawyers, Dr. Andrea Lyon, a so called death penalty expert, claims that her teaching schedule at DePaul University won’t allow her enough time to prepare for the trial which was originally set for October 12 th.

She told Judge Strickland, “I will be making a motion at this time to strike that date, to set a status date sometime in January and to set a trial date at that time when all parties know where we are.”

Now Judge Strickland has agreed to set the pretrial hearing for January 21st at 10 am EST. So I guess this will be another Christmas in jail for Casey!

In other movements involving Casey Anthony, Jose (sleazebag) Baez has graciously agreed to allow prosecutors to take a picture of Casey’s tattoo but stipulates that he will only allow it if he is present. Why does he feel the need to be present?

Also on the table was that prosecutors had filed a motion on June 23rd asking that a trial be set within 2 months where Casey is charged with stealing checks and money from her then friend Amy Huizenga but the defense (no doubt the sleazebag himself) wants it postponed until after Casey’s murder trial. The judge wants documentation from Huizenga stating that she wants to invoke her right to a speedy trial. He said he will decide on that once he has heard arguments from both sides.

Apparently WKMG has filed a motion to intervene Judge Strickland’s decision to block the jailhouse video of Casey Anthony on December 11, 2008, the day Caylee’s remains were found. The video is said to show a reaction from Casey that she had never shown before as if she knew she was busted. From the way the reaction has been described my opinion would be it was because she knew all the other times when something was found it couldn’t have been Caylee so she wasn’t worried but when she heard about this one she knew it was the remains of her daughter. This reaction came before a positive identification had even been made. No court date has been set yet for this.

As everyone should know 2 year old Caylee Anthony disappeared in mid June 2008 and wasn’t reported missing til July 15, 2008, 31 days later. Her mother, Casey claims the ‘Nanny’ ran off with Caylee and a trail of lies has followed after that from Casey. State prosecutors have decided to charge Casey with first degree murder and if she is convicted the state plans to ask for the death penalty. Caylee’s remains were found less than a half a mile from the Anthony’s home in a wooded area where Casey and her friend use to bury their dead pets.

Let’s hope that little Caylee will get the justice she so rightfully deserves in this and the person responsible for taking her life never sees another free day in her life again if she doesn’t get he death penalty.

Caylee life goes on for all of us but you can believe that you will never be forgotten. The world waits for your justice so you may rest in peace. God bless you honey, we still love you!

Jan Barrett

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