Caylee Anthony’s mother, Casey Anthony, was expected by everyone to appear in court today at a hearing filed by her attorney on several motions but she didn’t show up. Instead her attorney, Jose Baez pled his case in front of the Ninth Circuit Judge Stan Strickland. Todd Black, who is a spokesman for Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, said the defense never intended Anthony to attend the hearing even though she had been given a temporary release from house arrest to attend. Black said that they wanted to show the judge how much media attention her movements attract.

Judge Strickland has agreed to grant the Defense team access to Casey’s car and forensic tests that were completed by authorities to try and figure out what happened to little Caylee.

They also filed a motion to have Casey released from her house arrest so that she may be free to go with Baez to secret “places of interest” so they can investigate the spots together. His argument was that he has been unable to have the freedom to go along with his client so she can explain to him and show him what she claims to have happened to her daughter. The ruling on this part of today’s hearing has been delayed by Judge Strickland.

Arguments from the prosecutors were that the evidence they were requesting had nothing to do with the child abuse charges that Casey Anthony is facing at this time but the Judge disagreed saying that if some of the evidence is to prove that the child was in the trunk of the car then that could be considered as child abuse.

“The result, what happened, couldn’t have been better,” said Todd Black. “It was an excellent day.”

Judge Strickland ruled that prosecutors should give the defense access to the forensic tests from the car involving the chloroform, DNA, and hair strands within 10 days. Access to polygraph tests and evidence from computer hard drives, cell phones and other devices used for communications was also given to the defense so I guess you could say they have definitely had a very good court day.

I watched the court hearing and I have to say I was very disappointed in the judge’s decisions. To hear Baez standing before the judge blaming everyone but his client on what is happening really sickened me.

I guess we will see if he grants them this last request. Baez claims that he would personally accompany Casey on these so called searches and if the courts arguments for not allowing it would be due to fear of her running then he asked the courts to understand that he is officer of the court and once this case is over he intends to have other clients. He said if he would allow Casey to run while under his supervision, then he would risk losing his license to practice law. He told the judge he would even consider accepting , if the court insisted, to let the bailbondsman follow them as they would surely not let her run since they would lose a lot of money if she did. He did specifically state though that he would not want them in his car with Casey hearing their private conversations with each other or where they can see what is in his briefcase.

I guess Baez thinks that using this tactic would win his request faster than telling the judge that Casey would never consider doing this.

Baez was also granted the motion he filed to get any information prosecutors have on a woman names Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, which is the name that Casey told authorities was the babysitter that she last left Caylee with. The judge did caution the defense though that they would have to do their own legwork with the information.

It is clear that Baez is thinking if he can cause reasonable doubt with any of this evidence then his client will have to be found not guilty. I guess he thinks there is cause for reasonable doubt that Casey went 31 days without her little girl before calling the police and let’s face it she probably would have went longer , if ever, if it weren’t for her mother. And I suppose it will be argued that Casey was in the Target stores buying lingerie and beer with checks that she stole from her best friend because she was so distraught and scared for her daughter since she was kidnapped (as her side of the story was)

The talk of her being scared is such bull! She didn’t look scared in those video clips. She looked to me like a woman that was planning a fun evening with her man without any interruptions from her daughter. She didn’t have anything to be scared of at that time.

Meanwhile Tim Miller met with George and Cindy’s attorney, Mark NeJame for five hours today about the Caylee Anthony search. They are considering doing a double search. They also want to look for Jennifer Kesse, the 22 year old who never showed up for work in January, 2006.

“We know that both Jennifer and Caylee, if they are out there, are only skeletal remains. So, you know, it’s going to take me going out there personally, see what the vegetation looks like, do we go right now, wait until four or five weeks when the vegetation starts dying off to go ahead and use our resources the best they can be used,” said Miller.

I hope they can find her before the prosecutors bring this before the grand jury and I would love to see the expression on Jose Baez and Casey Anthony’s faces when they do. I can just imagine who they will try pinning her murder on then… probably the media!

God Bless our little angel, Caylee Marie Anthony, where ever she is!

Jan Barrett

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