A shocking yet surprisingly event happened tonight on the Nancy Grace Show. While sifting through the protesters gathered in front of the Anthony home. Six cops cars drove up with two of them pulling in on the front lawn. Detectives went inside the home leaving six officers outside to hold the crowd back off the Anthony property.

Caught on the camera when they came out, Casey was seen handcuffed and escorted off to a policeman’s squad car. Reporters say the expression on Casey’s face was blah, no expression at all. Not looking upset, not looking surprised nothing at all out of the ordinary for Casey anyway.

Cindy Anthony was seen standing just outside the door of her home talking to someone on the phone but she appeared to be surprisingly calm considering that her daughter was just hauled off in handcuffs.

What does all this mean? Could it be that the investigators have found more information giving them reason to arrest her now without her bond having to be revoked? Could it mean that maybe they are escorting her out as a ploy to fool the public and maybe taking her to a “safe house”? It isn’t clear to anyone as of right now why they took Casey off but she was definitely cuffed.

She was wearing her shorts and the T-shirt that she had on earlier with Caylee’s picture on it. I don’t see how she has the nerve to wear that. This woman has baffled a nation of people with her cold heart. How can anyone possibly be so calm when their 3 year old child is missing?

They are planning on giving a press conference in 30 minutes to explain why they took Casey off in their squad car. More news as soon as we get it.

Jan Barrett

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