A major step forward has occurred now. The police are now calling Casey Anthony, mother of the missing Caylee Anthony, a “suspect” in the disappearance of her daughter. Up until now she had only been labeled as a “person of interest”.

“Casey is a suspect,” said Orange County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Angelo Nieves. “She’s been uncooperative, leading investigators down the wrong path and lying to them. She has not provided any credible information about the last time she saw her or where she was left.”

Caylee Anthony, 2 has been missing since mid June and wasn’t reported missing until mid July, one month later. Casey’s excuse was she had been out looking on her own for her daughter.

Investigators have been collecting evidence like DNA testings and evidence of human composition in the trunk of Casey’s car. They also found a strand of hair in the trunk of the car that was Caylee’s. Traces of chloroform was found in the car and when investigators searched Casey’s computer it was found that there had been searches of chloroform web sites. They have stacks of statements from her friends, interviews with her family and Casey’s own interviews which were packed with proven lies.

Casey was arrested on July 16 and charged with child neglect, making false official statements and obstructing a criminal investigation. After sitting in jail for weeks California’s Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla arranged to have her bailed out of jail thinking it would be easy for him to get Casey to talk and tell what happened to little Caylee but once she was out from behind bars Casey clammed up and refused to talk to him as he was promised she would do if he got her out of jail. It didn’t take Padilla long to realize he had been used. Once the first 400 page documents were released to the public and he read them he changed his mind about thinking Caylee was still alive and stated clearly on CNN’s Nancy Grace Show that he thought that Caylee was dead and still thinks it now.

Protesters have gathered around the Anthony’s home every night for weeks now and the Homeowners Association has been trying to get that stopped but they keep getting turned down on their requests. The Orange County Commission agreed that things had gotten out of hand with the protesters but they did not give the go ahead to hire off duty deputies to patrol the neighborhood. Now the Sheriff’s office will have to place two on-duty officers at the home during prime time hours. “We’ve pulled those deputies out of the violent crime areas, so there is a cost to this of more than just money. We’re doing the best we can and responding to every call out there,” said Sgt. Mike Crab.

I still think the Anthony’s should be held responsible for the cost of the extra patrol cars in the neighborhood, especially if something major should happen elsewhere, that the police would normally be patrolling protect others that have done nothing wrong. Although the neighbors around the Anthony’s are also innocent bystanders here too, I would think the Anthony’s should be liable for that too.

After all having Casey there at their home is what is causing all these problems. They should have left Casey in jail, then no one but Casey would be suffering in this. More people have been hurt just so the little brat can have her freedom and be home to have mommy wait on her hand and foot. Also they are always telling everyone to find Caylee. Why don’t they focus just on that instead of protecting their precious Casey? They seem to have a problem focusing on the one that really matters here, Caylee. 

I guess when the authorities arrest Casey again, George and Cindy will surface again to go on their routine searches and try to make the public think that she is alive somewhere. Let’s hope that if they do arrest Casey yet again, that this time she will be denied bail. That would be the logical answer to the protesters problems. If Casey was in jail then they would stop the protesting.

I suppose we can only hope this will come to an end soon and peace will be found for little Caylee. God Bless you Caylee where ever you are!

Jan Barrett

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