Caylee Anthony as we all know is the two year old child that has been missing since mid June. Her mother Casey Anthony has been charged with first degree murder even though the body of little Caylee has not been found. Investigators believe that they have enough evidence to prove that she has been killed and her mother did it.

Well maybe not positively that she did it by herself but that she was definitely involved somehow but refuses to tell anyone anything about what happened to her daughter which has caused a lot of angry people to hate this woman.

Casey has been called a sociopath by her own mother who now seems to call her nothing but innocent and thinks she deserves to be given a ‘Mother of the Year’ award. Casey has done nothing but lie to her parents, to the cops and to everyone involved in this case. She entered an innocent plea for the arraignment and is scheduled to go to trial on January 5 on the first degree murder charges, which has the pretrial beginning December 11.

Casey is being held in jail without bail on the murder charges and several other charges as well. Her attorney Jose Baez has visited her in jail seven out of the 14 days that she has been there. The Orange County Jail reports, “The inmate’s attorney was observed hugging inmate and was advised that physical contact was prohibited.” Then a week later another report was stated that Baez was observed yet again hugging his client.

The room where Baez meets with Casey is a small room with only two chairs and a desk. Eyewitness news was told by their sources that Anthony was sitting down and Baez was very close to her face. A corrections officer had to go into the room to separate them.

Later when Baez was confronted about the situation all he had to say was, “I have no comment.”

Bill Schaeffer, a legal analyst for Eyewitness news, said it is unusual that an attorney would ever touch a client. “The more experience you are in handling these type of clients or situation the less likely you are to place yourself in a situation that could be regarded as a compromising situation,” said Schaeffer.

I always wondered what went on behind Baez’s office doors during those daily 6 hour visits which included Saturdays too. He sure looked awfully chummy with her before she went back to jail. It is not against the law for an attorney to become romantically involved with their client but there could be ethical issues with it. Schaeffer said, “The appellate court could find that a relationship overstepped the bounds of attorney client relationship and affected that performance and order a new trial.”

Although there is no clear evidence that there is anything going on between Jose Baez and Casey Anthony, I think if I was married to Baez I would be questioning what goes on between those two.

Touching isn’t allowed in any jail like that because that would make it so easy to pass on any contraband items. Now Baez is claiming he didn’t know the rules and wouldn’t do it again. Oh come on now, give me a break! I am not a law enforcer or court employee but I knew about this rule. Who does this man think he is? Does he think he and his client are above the law? I think NOT! From the looks of it, I would say Casey Anthony has her claws in him and he is now a puppet on a string for her

Police believe that Caylee Anthony most likely died on June 16which is when Casey’s father George last saw her at his home. Eyewitness News retraced Casey’s steps and they talked to a man at the Orange County Blockbuster that claims his surveillance tapes shows Casey and her boyfriend walking into his video store. The man described Casey as someone with no emotions, no tears and someone with no regrets.

The surveillance video shows her entering the store arm in arm with her boyfriend and they picked out two movies. One named, “Untraceable” which is about a kidnapper and a killer, and the other movie was “Jumper” which is about a mother who abandons her 5 year old child. “They came in, went out,” Johnny French told Eyewitness News. “Brought the movies back on time just like everybody else.” French said there was nothing about the couple that stood out as unusual. “They seemed normal and she seemed fine. If there was something wrong it would have stood out. I just don’t remember them doing anything unusual,” said French.

The more that comes out about Casey Anthony the more I don’t like her. The woman has no heart, she is as cold as ice. The thought of this woman ever having a Mother of the Year Award turns my stomach. Even IF her story was correct about Caylee being kidnapped how could she possibly be out in nightclubs, or out renting movies as such. How could she act normal?

I don’t care what the situation would be. If my child had been kidnapped I would be scared but if I was out searching for my child like she claims she was those first 31 days everyone I came into contact with would notice something wrong just by looking at my face. IF she had been out looking for Caylee like she and he family expect us to believe who did she go to?

None of her friends have stated that she asked about her daughter. They all say they asked her where Caylee was and she always had a different excuse as to why she wasn’t with her. I guess Casey is the only one telling the truth here and everyone else in the universe is wrong.

Thursday the defense team for Casey questioned some of the prosecutions witnesses. Jose Baez questioned five people any of whom could testify in his client’s murder trial.

Each was sworn in and placed under oath before they began with the questioning. First was Katherine Sanchez. She is the woman that works at Amscott. She is the one that noticed Casey’s car abandoned in front of her business for a few days at the end of June.

Then they questioned three others. From Johnson’s Towing company that had towed away the car on July 15th. Gary Ridgeway towed the car. Nicole Left is the woman that George and Cindy Anthony paid the towing fees to. Simon Burch was with George Anthony when he picked the car up and opened the trunk. Burch had told the police that the car smelled like another car he had towed in a few months before that had a dead man in it.

The last on their list was Tony Lazzarro, who was Casey’s boyfriend at the time of her arrest back in July. None of the witnesses spoke to the media before going in and they were ushered out a back door when they were done being questioned.

Casey made her first for things she wanted from the Orange County jail’s commissary. Here is a list of what she bought which totals up to $69.71.

Cocoa Butter Lotion
Sports Bra
Tube socks
Thermal Top
Ponytail Holder

I guess she needed these personal items so she would smell nice for Baez when he comes in hugging her.

I can’t wait for Equusearch to return to Orlando and start their search again. Someone needs to find this child so she can be given a proper burial. I can honestly understand a parent wanting to defend their child but that can only go so far. I still think all the Anthony’s know what has happened to Caylee. I just want this to be over for Caylee’s sake and for the sake of the world.

Caylee we love you sweetie and our prayers are with you each and every day! God Bless you!

Jan Barrett

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