Little 2 year old Caylee Anthony disappeared in mid June and her mother didn’t bother reporting her missing for 31 days and even then it wasn’t Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother that reported it. It was Caylee’s grandmother Cindy Anthony that called 911 and made the report. Casey has been indicted for first degree murder for the death of little Caylee and is being held in jail with no bail. Caylee’s remains were found in a wooded area approximately 15 houses down from the Anthony’s home in Orlando.

Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez has been a busy man the past few days it seems. Late Thursday evening a hearing was set for the courts to consider three new motions in the Casey Anthony case.

Two motions were filed by Baez and one by the State attorney’s office which the courts will hear next Friday. January 30th.

Apparently Baez is going to the courts whining again. This time it’s about not being able to gain access to the crime scene where little Caylee’s remains were found. He is claiming that the site is private property and it now has “No Trespassing Signs” posted but according to Baez the owner has not returned any of his calls so he wants the courts to give him permission to go on the property.

I would tell him if I was the judge ‘you snooze you lose’. When the Law Enforcement agents were finished with their investigation on the site they went to Baez and told him he was free to go and do his investigation now. Baez turned down the offer saying they wouldn’t need to go there. Now that he can’t he is whining to the courts that his team didn’t get their chance to investigate the area. I don’t think he should be given access now since he had his chance already.

The other motion filed is that Baez is whining again wanting the prosecutors to turn over more documents, especially those from Texas Equusearch. Baez is wanting a complete list of all of Equusearch volunteer’s list which Tim Miller has said that he intends to fight saying there is too many on his list and he doesn’t want to expose his volunteers personal information that is suppose to be kept privately. Miller stated if he releases it, it could affect his volunteers in the future when searching for missing persons. They might hesitate to volunteer if their personal information is not kept private. Miller also stated not only would that be a problem but it would be quite expensive to make copies of all the information Baez is requesting and he does not have the money for it.

The third motion which is filed by the state attorney’s office is of concerns with the defense witness list.

Baez also claims that he has asked for a change of venue when the trial is set saying his client can’t get a fair trial there. The courts say that no paperwork has been filed yet asking for a change of venue. When asked where he would think Casey could even get a fair trial since this is such a high profile case, he said he wants to keep that private for now.

Barry Law School professor Leonard Birdsong thinks that is a strange move. “I have never heard of anything like that,” said Birdsong. Paperwork would have to be filed by the defense team making the change of venue request in writing for a judge to even consider this. Also Jose Baez is not the one to make the decision as to where they would move the trial to in the case that the judge agrees. “He can say or in his paperwork he can ask for another district to have it,” said Birdsong. “But he doesn’t have the final say. It’s the court that makes that decision.”

In a news conference Jose Baez declined to comment on the newly released documents that were released Wednesday. The information released in the documents were heart breaking to any parent, grandparent or even to someone without children. This child was tossed away like she was household garbage as if she was nothing. Someone seriously needs to pay for what they done to this little angel. They need to give this child a decent burial now though. Enough is enough. Her remains were found over a month ago now. They have had enough time to do what they need to do with her. It is time they let her go.

God Bless You Caylee. We love you!!

Jan Barrett

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