Thursday night on CNN’s Nancy Grace Show, the Bounty Hunter that is responsible for putting Casey Anthony back on the streets, said specifically that he was going to revoke Casey’s bond and send her back to jail Saturday. Casey is out on bond but under house arrest. She is being charged for child neglect and lying to investigators which she as pleaded not guilty to.

Now Fox News is reporting that Padilla has changed his mind saying he will not revoke the bond. His decision was announced after he had a meeting with Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez but no reason was given for his decision.

He was asked last night if there would be anything that could be said to him to change him mind and his response was absolutely not. So what happened during this meeting? What could Jose Baez have told Leonard to have changed his mind?

Padilla claimed his main concern was of Casey’s safety since there were threats made against her, her family and his team. “Yesterday, I saw Cindy Anthony talking to reporters with a hammer in her hand, that’s not good,” he said. Cindy was hammering “no trespassing” signs in her yard while reporters were asking for her reaction about the air sample tests that were released. She cursed at the reporters telling them they were wrong and her granddaughter was not dead. She has changed her story once again about the odor in the car. She is asking the public to believe now that someone else put a dead body in the trunk of the car after it was towed away to the yard. Padilla thinks Cindy Anthony is in denial. She must be somewhere other than on this earth if she expects anyone to buy that story.

When reporters asked Cindy Anthony what were her thoughts of her daughter returning to jail, she snapped at the reporter and told them that her daughter wasn’t going anywhere.

Now I am really curious at what is going on here. So many lies and so many stories are being told. One minute they tell us one thing and before we know it they change the story completely.

Padilla said on TV that either Casey needs to go back to jail or they need to beef up the security for her. A question here would be who would have to pay for that extra security. Who is paying the Bounty Hunter’s expenses? Who is paying for Baez? I know there are some generous people in the world but come on now, this is a little much for people to swallow.

Casey is meeting with Baez again today. The state prosecutors have confirmed that they have offered Casey partial immunity if she gives them the information they need to find missing Caylee. They say she has until next week to make her decision whether to accept the offer or not. So I guess we have to just wait.

I must say I didn’t care for Padilla in the beginning and I was totally against him bailing her out of jail. I did develop a soft spot when it was quite obvious that Casey and Baez clearly used Padilla just to get her out of jail by telling him she would talk to him and tell him how to find Caylee. Now I have no respect whatsoever for this man. He is just as much a liar as he says Casey is now.

There is definitely a mystery here. states that Padilla said that Casey was one of the best liars he has ever met and he now believes that little Casey is dead. He openly admitted that he regrets getting her out of jail, but yet now somehow Baez has done something to change his mind. Padilla admitted he now has misgivings about Casey Anthony herself. He told Fox News, “I’m not going to lie about that… There’s been a lot of consternation. She has not cooperated in one instant ad far as finding her daughter.”

Jan Barrett

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