Caylee Anthony’s mother, Casey Anthony was brought back into court Wednesday morning. The results seem to be something her sleazebag attorney was quite pleased with but I have to wonder. In the long run has she really won this one or will it hurt her down the road when they find her guilty and she tries calling for a mistrial because of a conflict of interest involving the sleazebag.

Orange County Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland ruled that he found there was no conflict of interest there during the 40 minute court hearing.

Prosecution argued stating that the judge should be looking into how Anthony is paying for her defense since it is public knowledge that before all this started she had no money. “We are concerned with this case. The objection doesn’t state any legal basis,” said prosecutor Jeff Ashton. “The way to diffuse this issue right now is… to make sure that the record is clear of exactly what the situation is, exactly what the financial arrangements are.”

He continued his argument saying that he was concerned if Casey Anthony is convicted of the first degree charge she could call it a conflict of interest between her and her attorney which could be grounds for the case to be held again.

Casey Anthony appeared in the courtroom today with her hair pulled back and looking so smug. As I sat there watching her during the hearing on the video, all I could think of was how could she sit there with no worries. She had the kind of look as if she was thinking she will never be found guilty. She acts like no one can touch her. She thinks she can get what ever she wants. Her parents George and Cindy Anthony appeared in court too. I did notice that at the end of the hearing Casey didn’t even look back at them to say good bye or anything. She seemed to me as being so cold.

The prosecutors wanted to know how Casey Anthony is paying for her defense. They can only assume that Baez and the rest of the defense team that Baez has hired are surely not working for free. Baez claims that how he puts together his team is not a matter of public record.  Judge Strickland questioned Baez to find out for himself if there would be any conflict of interest here, asking him if there was any possible rights for future book and movie deals about Casey Anthony’s story. Baez told the judge that he has no literary agreement with Casey Anthony. When Ashton asked for him to define “her story” Baez objected to the question.

Strickland asked Anthony questions regarding the affidavit which she signed and confirmed with her that she signed it saying she signed a retainer agreement with Baez and she did not give him any rights to her story.

The judge called for a meeting in his chambers to discuss the possible conflicts. The TV Guy reported that WKMG-Channel 6’s Adam Longo said that Casey Anthony would have to answer questions in front of prosecutors and the judge but most likely she would only speak away from cameras. When Longo turned to a former prosecutor, Elizabeth Rahter as his expert, she said, “To be able to get around any sort of conflict for appellate reasons, Casey has to do the talking. They’ll ask her where the money is coming from.”

Rahter told Longo, “She really has to say I trust this guy enough that I’m willing to bet my life on it.” She said that Casey needs to say these things in private so whatever she says won’t prejudice a jury.

Bill Sheaffer from WFTV-Channel 9 said, “She will say and do whatever it takes and have her lawyers say and do whatever it takes for her to gain an acquittal in this case.

When they returned to the courtroom and the hearing resumed Judge Strickland ruled that he was convinced that no conflict exists. When asked if there was anything else before he closed this hearing sleazebag asked that the judge remind the court that what lawyers and judges discussed behind closed doors in front of a court reporter this morning was private information and needed to stay that way. Ashton took offense to this and told the Judge that they did not need to be reminded of that but nonetheless he agreed. The judge appeared a bit irritated and told the lawyers that this was getting old and then he left the courtroom.

Baez had this smirk on his face that needed to be slapped off. He acted like a spoiled child that just got his way with the judge yet again. I have to wonder though if he has though. Maybe for right now but in the end he might not have. I still believe there is something going on behind closed doors to make the deals they are denying but perhaps she has given permission for someone else to sell her “story”, but this is only my opinion, no facts. Just call it a gut feeling. I do feel like if this is so, that Baez’s is involved to be able to receive benefits from any such sales though.

George and Cindy Anthony slipped out of the courtroom without talking to reporters but Baez had to say his peace. “We are glad this is behind us,” he said. “I have told everyone all along that defense has not done anything unethical in any way, shape or form. These accusations are just that.” Once again I would love to be the one that could slap that smirk look off his face. I guess he thinks that everyone should believe him just because he says he hasn’t done anything wrong. And just because the Judge doesn’t see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there though.

The one good thing about this is that now they have it on record that he specifically denied it so if she wants to cry out conflict of interest later on during the trial this will all be brought back up and hopefully she would be denied a mistrial.

All this seems to have turned toward Casey Anthony now. Everyone wants to focus on her and not her daughter, little Caylee Marie Anthony. There is rarely even a mention of Caylee anymore other than to hear them say the child’s mother is innocent. What kind of justice for Caylee can this be? Casey Anthony needs to be reminded everyday of the little girl she took the life from. I wonder if she will ever show any emotion that has nothing to do with herself, over the loss of this precious child.

Caylee you will never be forgotten. We all know you are in a much better place now. God bless you sweetie. We love you!

Jan Barrett

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