If I didn’t know any better I’d swear this was April Fool’s Day when I read this about the latest request from Casey Anthony. She apparently wants the courts to allow her to assist in the search for her missing daughter Caylee and not only that but she wants the time and date of her travel to be held a secret from the public.

Motions were filed by Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez to be heard at 10:30 Friday at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando. The other motions filed include:

- Any polygraphs the state has taken in the case, as well as the names of anyone who has or will take one.

- Files on any investigation in Zanaida Gonzalez, the name Casey Anthony gave as her nanny for Caylee

- Copies of forensic evidence in connection with the investigation into the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. These include tests from the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee, which investigators say showed body decomposition in Casey Anthony’s car trunk.

- The release of any investigations conducted by the Department of Children and Families in relation to the case.

- The passenger list on AirTran flight from Orlando to Atlanta on July 2 where there was a reported sighting of Caylee.

I think if the courts will allow her to be free to travel to find Caylee with all the evidence the authorities have against her in this case then a lot of time and effort will have been wasted. She has had all this time out of jail and has refused to participate in the search for Caylee up until now, so what reason would she have for wanting to now. If she is that concerned about finding her daughter she could have cooperated with authorities a long time ago instead of leading them on wild goose chases with her lies to them about where Caylee was.

Casey Anthony’s has an arraignment hearing set for October 14 on check fraud charges and then on November 5 she has a pre-trial hearing set on charges of child neglect and lying to investigators. The trial for that could start as early as November 17.

Sunday night’s prayer vigil was held at a church about 10 miles from the Anthony’s home and Fox 35 was the only TV station there reporting but they were asked not to reveal the exact location of the church. The Anthony’s intend to continue holding the vigils at the church as long as the location is not made public.

Residents in the Anthony neighborhood were happy that they moved the prayer vigils away from neighborhood. “Look at it,” said Ned Couty pointing to the quiet street scene. “Usually on a Sunday at this time, its like Mardi Gras out here,” he said when he was talking about the hundreds of protesters and gawkers that have been showing up at the Anthony’s to protest for weeks now.

Couty live just across the street from George and Cindy Anthony and was forced to put up no trespassing signs and the yellow caution tape across his yard to keep the protesters off his property. Since things are quieter around there now, he has taken some of them down. Other neighbors say that everyday living is getting easier and they are starting to feel comfortable in the neighborhood once again.

“Everybody is a little bit more happy. There’s nobody out here trying to start something, on both sides that is. I see more people walking their dogs, walking their kids … walking,” Couty said.

Personally I don’t think the Anthony’s neighbors should have to live in fear. They have done nothing wrong so why should they pay for what Casey Anthony is doing. I also think it is wrong for the protesters to bring their children along with them and involve them with their protesting. Other than putting Casey back in jail where she belongs, I don’t know what the answer is for all of this.

Releasing that woman on bail caused a major upset to the public and I don’t see it ending until either Caylee is found alive and well or Casey is back in jail. Since all the evidence points to Caylee no longer being alive, then I say throw the brat back in jail, don’t put her in a safe area though. Treat her like the prisoner that she would be and put her with all the other prisoners and let them take care of her their own way. Why should she receive special treatment anyway? She isn’t better than any one else but I suppose she thinks she is and apparently Jose Baez thinks so too.

Caylee where ever you are honey we love you and God Bless you!

Jan Barrett

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