More than 400 pages of documents with details about the case of Caylee Marie Anthony missing were released yesterday including transcripts taken by detectives from Casey Anthony, Caylee’s 22 year old mother. Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, filed a motion for a temporary injunction to get the state to delay releasing the documents but Judge Stan Strickland denied his request.

The reports that Casey didn’t want to keep the baby she was carrying. She wanted to give it up for adoption but it was her mother, Cindy Anthony that insisted she keep the baby.

The released documents include interviews with some of Casey’s friends who described Casey as a caring mother yet they also told of her being a liar and she stole things.

Kiomarie Torres Cruz, who is a childhood friend of Casey’s, said that Casey said she wanted to give the baby she was carrying up for adoption. She made the remark that she thought Casey might be bipolar because at times Casey would ask her something one day and then later she would forget she had asked.

Casey’s ex-fiancé, Jesse Grund told police that he discovered Casey had deleted more than 200 pictures of her and of her with Caylee that she had posted online.

Anthony Lazzaro, who was Casey’s most recent boyfriend that she met online, told detectives that Casey was a loving and caring mother. He claims that Casey pretty much shacked up at his place She even did his laundry, cooked for him and cleaned the place. He said he felt weird that Casey always had an excuse as to why Caylee wasn’t with her.

Richard Morales use to date Casey and he said Caylee was there at his place quite often. He said that all three of them slept in the same bed even. “I feel like the person we’re talking about now and the person I knew before are two different people,” he said.

Ryan Pasley claims that he got a call from Cindy Anthony warning him that Casey had been lying about a lot of stuff and that she had stolen money from her and her grandmother. He said she called her daughter a sociopath. They asked him what he thought it would take to get Casey to tell them what she knows. His response was, “The fear of God.”

Simon Birch is the manager of the wrecker yard that towed Casey’s car on June 30th. He said he had noticed an odor from the car. When George Anthony came to get the car on July 15, he mentioned the odor to George, telling him it smelled like another car he once had on his lot, which a man had committed suicide in. He said in that case the body had been in the car for five days. He said when he told George the smell was rotten George had no reply.

When searching the Pontiac Sunfire that Casey had driven, reports that the investigators found Caylee’s unclothed baby doll, a Dora the Explorer backpack, a child’s toothbrush, a washed dinnerware knife, a black leather bag and a dark colored belt. They also found scratches on the trunk of the car. 

Detectives found writings on MySpace that Cindy and Casey both had. On July 3, almost 2 weeks before Caylee was reported missing, Cindy Anthony posted: 

“This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love . . . Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her . .

 Then on July 7 a posting titled “Diary of Days” was on Casey’s MySpace page stating:

   ” . . . What is given, can be taken away. Everyone lies. Everyone dies. Life will never be easy. . . .” 

She also had it posted that she was watching a horror movie called “American Psycho” on the same day.

Leonard Padilla and the family spokeperson have stated that Casey is helping them look for Casey. If they are following leads or tips how come they haven’t told the police about it? By Padilla’s own admission he is not sharing notes with the investigators and he is not getting in their way. He claims he spent all weekend going over on computers sifting through tips.

He said they finished going through Casey’s phone records saying there was nothing out of the norm, it is just repeated calls calling the same people. He says that is why their thinking is that who she called to help her move Caylee. He says her circle of friends consist of about 15 people. He said they are focusing on the specific ones that have left town between June 16 and Aug. 16. He says he expects to know where they all are by Friday. He said he will start tracking them down then and ask questions. Personally I think Padilla got in too deep so now he has to fake his way out of this mess but that is only my opinion.

I find it very hard to find sympathy for Casey or her family. Frankly I don’t believe anything any of them say anymore. I have a grandson Caylee’s age. If he disappeared and my son was being questioned about the child’s whereabouts, I would be right there with detectives hounding him for answers. I also have a 17 year old and if I don’t hear from him every two or three days I start to panic and I start calling around looking for him. He is in Louisiana and I am in Canada but I still keep tabs on him. Any mother or grandmother in their right mind would be the same way.

I want so much for Caylee to be found alive and well so maybe Casey can finally do what she wanted to do when she was pregnant with her, Give her up for adoption! There are a lot of people out there that would love to have a little sweetheart like Caylee in there home that would be good to her. Caylee my prayers and those of the whole nation are with you still, hoping you will be found safe. 

Jan Barrett

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