George and Cindy Anthony were scheduled to visit with their daughter Casey today but were told from a phone call that Casey was not accepting visitors today according to Spoken as if she were in some high class hotel room or something, she told jail officials that she would not be accepting any guests today.

It was reported that Caylee’s grandparents were not angry or upset when they got the call as they spoke with the media Sunday afternoon about it. “Maybe it’s based on me canceling my appointment with her the other day,” said Cindy Anthony. “The only reason George and I were going to see her today was to see how she was doing, just to trying to reach out to her.”

Apparently the community holds a weekly Sunday night prayer vigil for Caylee and has been doing so since Caylee was first reported missing. When talking to the reporter’s one asked Cindy if they would be actively participating tonight. Her response to the reporter was, “It takes a lot out of us, having those. We had out church service this morning and that will get us through the day.”

Orange County Jailhouse allows each inmate up to three video visitations per week starting on Sundays. “Today’s visitation counts as one of those three visitation opportunities,” said Allen Moore, Public Information Officer for The Orange Count Corrections Department.

Casey refused to see her brother who was scheduled to visit with her Friday morning. It was just a few days before that when Cindy Anthony canceled her visit that was scheduled saying it was because she wanted her conversation to be private with her daughter and that she was concerned that anything she said to Casey could put Caylee in danger according to So like I am sure dozens of others, I would love to know what makes it any different now. Why would it have been ok for Cindy Anthony to go see Casey today? Does this mean she doesn’t feel Caylee is any longer in any danger?

What’s up with all this? Is this Casey’s way of throwing her temper tantrum with her family because she can’t have her way or so they will have more pity for her? I believe that George and Cindy Anthony are definitely covering for Casey. I think they know what has happened. I am not saying they were involved to begin with but I do think they know more now than they are telling. Cindy Anthony should have known better than to wash those pants of Casey’s that she found in the car. She knew exactly what she was doing when she washed them.

I wish this story would end with a happy ever after but in my heart I have the fear that the only happy ever after little Casey will have is with the angels in Heaven. God only knows I pray that I am wrong. I have followed this story as close as I can from the beginning and I would love more than anything for the Anthony’s to prove my thoughts wrong. I would be the first to apologize. God Bless you Caylee where ever you may be sweetie.

Jan Barrett

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