According to the prosecutors working on the Caylee Anthony case the charges of child neglect has now been dropped against Casey Anthony, Caylee’s Mom. All other charges including first degree murder and other charges that came down with the grand jury indictment will remain though.

The child neglect charge was placed against Casey Anthony originally because it was on the premise that the child was still alive. “As the investigation progressed and it became clear that the evidence proved that the child was deceased, the State sought an indictment on the legally appropriate charges,” prosecutors said. “We remain to proceed to trial on the charges in the indictment.”

Casey Anthony is being held without bond on first degree murder charges, manslaughter and other charges. She is being accused of killing her two year old daughter, Casey Anthony. She made matters worse by not bothering to report Caylee missing for 31 days. Caylee was last seen in mid-June. Sometimes I have to wonder if her mother hadn’t had made that 911 call in mid July would Casey have ever reported Caylee missing. She probably would have gone on with her life like she was doing, pretending nothing was wrong. I am sure in her mind though there is nothing wrong. She was free to do as she wanted again. She could party and be with her boyfriend with no worries anymore.

The search still goes on for little Caylee regardless of what the Anthony’s or Jose Baez or Casey say. They all say she is alive. If she is let them prove it by bringing her home. It is time they put up or shut up and quit interfering with the search of her body. They keep trying to send people to Puerto Rico or somewhere else like Texas or New York to get the detectives off the trail of where Caylee really is. If they knew for sure that Caylee was in Puerto Rico they would have gone there by now and brought her home.

The State Attorney’s Office said they won’t comment on whether capital punishment will be sought or on other elements of the case mainly because they don’t want to generate the type of publicity that would require a change of venue for the trial. They say this case has already created media frenzy for months.

“Remember these charges are only allegations and so not constitute a proof of guilt,” prosecutors said. “Ms. Anthony has the right to a trial and is cloaked with the presumption of innocence.”

Sorry but I am afraid that other than a few people the only ones that thinks Casey is innocent here is Jose Baez and her family. Of course who can say for sure if they even think she is innocent deep down? Casey gets treated like a celebrity while that sweet little innocent child lies somewhere unknown all alone. It just doesn’t seem right. Why should Casey Anthony have any rights? Seems to me she has used up all her rights when she lied to the police to lure them away from finding Caylee. Of course she denies this but what other reason could she possibly have to do what she has done.

I keep Caylee in my prayers all day long. When I go to sleep at night I think about her. When I wake in the morning the first thing I say to myself is maybe they have found her. I look at her picture every hour on the hour. And I am not even this child’s mother. I bet I look at her picture more than Casey did when she was home wearing her ankle monitor while on home confinement and especially now since she doesn’t even have one with her in jail. Caylee will remain in my prayers always, even after she is found. I know in my heart she is in heaven and she is being well taken care of now. It is just a shame that she couldn’t be here to live her life in full.

Caylee God Bless you sweetie. We all love you!

Jan Barrett

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