Casey Anthony was released yesterday from jail after being bailed out by Leonard Padilla and his nephew Tony Padilla. All we have heard is that Casey needs to be out of jail so she can help find her daughter. So far all I can see is that she wanted a hot shower and a pizza that she must have been craving that was delivered to the Anthony’s home shortly after Casey got there.

One would think she would have wanted to get busy right away to try and locate her daughter, but I guess she was too tired or something, who knows what excuse she has.

Upon being released from jail there were terms that Casey had to agree on. She must live with her parents, she must always wear the ankle monitor, and she is only allowed to take preapproved trips.

Part of Casey’s second day out of jail was spent visiting her attorney. She went to see Jose Baez with her father and the trip took a total of six hours. That is a long visit for someone who isn’t talking.

Leonard Padilla kept telling reporters his only interest in this was to find and bring little Caylee home, maintaining all along that he thinks the child is still alive. Apparently the Padilla’s are staying in a RV parked outside the Anthony home and they feel the need to arm themselves with a taser gun and other more deadly weapons because of death threats supposedly made to them. They claim they are not worried about her trying to escape.

Padilla told Fox News reporters that their interest in this case will end if the DNA test come back showing new evidence and new charges are brought against Casey. As of right now she is being charged with child neglect and filing a false report to police.

The way I see this whole thing is that perhaps The Anthony’s and Jose Baez used Leonard Padilla just to get Casey out of jail. Now that she is out Baez has given her strict orders not to talk to anyone other than her family and him. She has been instructed not to discuss the case to the resident party that is watching her 24/7. So what exactly is Leonard Padilla’s role in this now?

Casey has done nothing but lie to authorities, her Dad lied, her Mom has lied and destroyed what could have been evidence in the case, yet all three are still free. I don’t quite understand how they can get on TV and tell a reporter that they know Caylee has been kidnapped and they have someone watching the ones that kidnapped her. There were no doubt in his words, that is what George Anthony said. He did say he thought they were being watched but it sounded pretty much a definite thing to me.

Cindy Anthony later admitted that she took the pair of pants out of the car belonging to Casey saying they had the same smell she told the 911 operator about that smelled like a damn dead body. She washed the pants to get the smell out. That was evidence which could have been sent to the lab for DNA testing but chances are she washed all that out of it. Now she is supposed to be a nurse and George is an ex-deputy. Both should know better. Well I am saying they should, I think though that they do know better. They also know that what they are doing is covering up for what they either know or suspect their daughter of doing.

I don’t know where Caylee is right now. I don’t know for sure if Casey actually did something to her accidentally or if she let someone else do something to her. I just wish that if she were alive that Casey would get off her high horse and forget about becoming famous and tell what happened to her little girl. She has been out two days now and still no signs yet of her looking for Caylee. I can only see her as worrying about herself right now.

What are people suppose to think when this woman clearly made her personal life come ahead of her own daughter’s life? It was made public knowledge when she was talking to her brother that all the family was worried about was finding Caylee, never mind that she was in jail and wanted out. When she realized what she said and that she was being recorded she quickly changed her statement but it was too late. Everyone heard what she said. It was obvious that she was mad that everyone else was more worried about Caylee than her.

I still pray all my opinions are wrong and that Caylee will return home. I just have this gut feeling that it is too late. I still pray that my gut feelings are wrong. If I am not wrong, I pray that who ever is responsible, pays for what they did. I hope they do not get away with this due to clever planning.

Jan Barrett

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