Caylee Anthony is the little girl that disappeared in mid June 2008 but wasn’t reported missing until 31 days later by her grandmother. Yes, her grandmother NOT by her own mother. Her mother claimed she had been doing her own private investigating trying to find her daughter during that time. Casey Anthony claimed she spent the time looking for her daughter but the question remains, why in the world would she expect to find little Caylee in nightclubs dancing and drinking at night when this beautiful little girl was only 2 years old. I am pretty sure it would be illegal for a club to let a child that age to party with the adults.

Not only was she looking in nightclubs but she was spotted in places like Blockbusters with her then boyfriend renting movies and she was also caught on cameras in places like Target shopping, buying stuff like beer, and lingerie. The thing is she was not buying these things with her own money. She was using her former friend, Amy Huizenga’s checkbook and writing checks off the account without her permission.

Casey appeared in court yesterday ad she plead guilty to the check fraud charges that she had been charged with. She made a statement saying, “I just want everyone to know I’m sorry for what I did … I take complete and full responsibility for my actions. And I’d like to sincerely apologize to Amy. I wish I would have been a better friend.” She was seen crying in court after she was found guilty on the 6 counts of check fraud. I hope she doesn’t think that will gain sympathy for her from the public. Most of the public was hoping for a stiffer sentence. Casey only sheds tears when they benefit herself personally.

Although the prosecutors asked for a 5 year sentence Judge Stan Strickland sentenced her to credit time served and an additional one year of supervised probation. In addition she was ordered to pay $6000 in court costs which she reportedly considered to be exorbitant.

Also in court on Friday Judge Strickland granted the defense permission to allow the ex-wife of Roy Kronk, the man who found Caylee’s remains on December 11, 2008 to be deposed under oath. According to the defense team his ex-wife, Jill Kerley was married to Kronk for about 4 months and her testimony is material because they believe it can prove that Kronk should be a suspect in the case. Apparently Kerley lives in Tennessee and she is tool ill to travel.

In my opinion I have to ask why she is saying this about her ex-husband now. If she truly thought this how come she didn’t speak up when he first found Caylee’s remains? One would think she would call and say something about it the minute she heard that he was the one claiming to find her. It just sounds a bit too convenient to be telling all this late in the case.

The defense team also had filed a motion to stop the Orange County jail from taping Casey while she meets with her attorneys. Thankfully the judge denied this motion which I agree with 100%. Why should she get special privileges? In fact as a US Citizen I feel insulted that they would even consider asking for special privileges for her.

She now is a convicted felon with six counts of check fraud against her. She can no longer play the little miss innocent that has never been in trouble before. Besides one can be innocent of ever being in any kind of trouble and still kill someone. There always has to be a first time for even the cruelest killers. So using her innocent past with the law is certainly no reason to believe she is innocent in killing her daughter.

Caylee didn’t deserve to lose her life. She was a small child, a baby still that had her whole life ahead of her. She was full of life and that was ripped away from her. The person responsible for this needs to pay dearly for it and in my opinion Casey Anthony is that person. Hopefully her wanna-be-dream-team doesn’t get lucky in this case. I pray the state wins it. Caylee needs justice so she can rest in peace.

Jan Barrett

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